Author: Jihad Aljibari and Muhammad Ebrahim

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Ahmed Alhasan (peace be upon him) Compiled by Jihad Aljibari & Muhammad Ebrahim About the authors Jihad Aljibari. Perth, Australia. Muhammad Ebrahim. Cape Town, South Africa.

Ahmed Alhasan
(peace be upon him)
Compiled by
Jihad Aljibari & Muhammad Ebrahim

About the authors
Jihad Aljibari. Perth, Australia.
Muhammad Ebrahim. Cape Town, South Africa.

In loving memory
Sayed Hasan Al Hammami
The brave knight, the pure

“My brother, my beloved, my friend, the one who accompanied me on this journey that is filled with hardships.
The brave knight who bore the cruelty of the tyrants.
He was the best supporter and defender of Muhammad and the family of Muhammed PBUT.
The honourable Sayed, the pure, the sanctified Hasan Al-Hammami has gone to the mercy of God.
Indeed, the eye sheds tears and the heart is grieved by your loss, O my beloved.
O reassured soul,
Return to your Lord, well-pleased and pleasing [to Him], Enter among My [righteous] servants.
Enter My Paradise."
The Holy Qur’an, The Dawn (89:27-29)
Ahmed Alhasan
30 July 2021

Ahmed Ismail Saleh also known as Ahmed Alhasan, is the Saviour of Mankind.
He has come for all people of every religion and ideology. He has also come for the agnostics and the atheists.
He has come to unite all people upon the absolute truth from the One Eternal God.
This book is based on a collection of accounts narrated by individuals who have been fortunate enough to spend extended periods of time in the company of Ahmed Alhasan, the prophesied Yamani and the Messenger from Imam al Mahdi (Peace be upon Them).
Furthermore, it contains content from Ahmed Alhasan, extracted from interviews, Facebook posts, his numerous books and correspondence with the Ansar.
Through this book, God willing, we hope that it could be made easy for you beloved reader, to realise that this individual is the one that the world has been waiting for.
“Who is this coming from Edom, from Bozrah, with his garments stained crimson? Who is this, robed in splendour, striding forward in the greatness of his strength?
It is I, proclaiming victory, mighty to save.”
Isaiah 63:1

‘PBUH’ which means ‘Peace be upon him/her’ ‘PBUT’ which means ‘Peace be upon them’ ‘PBUHAHF’ Peace upon him and his Family ‘SWT’ which means ‘Glorified and Exalted is He’
‘Ansar’ is a plural Arabic word which means ‘Supporters’ in English. ‘Ansari’ refers to an individual male supporter. ‘Ansariyah’ refers to an individual female supporter. In this context, it refers to the Supporters of Imam Muhammad son of Alhasan Al Mahdi (PBUH).
‘Imam’ which means ‘Leader’. ‘Imamah’ ‘Leadership’. In this context, it is referring to the divinely appointed leaders as opposed to leaders appointed by the people. In this book in particular, it will primarily refer to Imam Ahmed Alhasan.
‘Da’wah’ which means ‘Inviting/calling’.
‘Sayed; Plural ‘Sadaat’: is a honorific title denoting people accepted as descendants of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his cousin and son-in-law Ali through his grandsons, Hasan ibn Ali and Husayn ibn Ali, sons of Muhammad's daughter Fatimah and Ali.
‘Shaykh’ Plural ‘Shuyukh’: is an honorific title in the Arabic language. In this context, it refers to individuals who have undergone studies in the Howza.
‘Marja3 al Taqlid’ is translated to ‘A source of emulation’. The plural is ‘Maraje3’. This refers to a cleric who gains emulators or followers.
‘Howza’ in Arabic can mean to ‘acquire’. In this context, it is referring to a Seminary of the Shia.

Foreword..................................................................................................................1 A brief biography........................................................................................................3 Name calling, mockery & ridicule....................................................................................4 As a child..................................................................................................................7 His blessed mother.....................................................................................................9 Attempts on his life....................................................................................................11 The battle of Najaf.....................................................................................................14 Ansari prisoners in Iran...............................................................................................17 Fairness even to his enemies.......................................................................................19 Bravery...................................................................................................................22 Visions....................................................................................................................25 The man of the will.....................................................................................................28 Defender of the Qur'an................................................................................................32 Salah / Prayer...........................................................................................................35 The unseen...............................................................................................................38 Miracles...................................................................................................................41 Wealth, worldly possessions, work, clothing & food............................................................44 Comforter to the children, orphans & sickly......................................................................50 Helping a woman like she was his own sister...................................................................54 Advice on marriage.....................................................................................................55 Teacher....................................................................................................................57 Guidance..................................................................................................................60 We are all Homo sapiens..............................................................................................62 The issue of vaccination to fight the pandemic..................................................................63 The dangers of artificial intelligence................................................................................64 Call to break free from the box of worldly problems............................................................66 What is Love?.................................................................................................................................67 Zainab, the daughter of Ali ...........................................................................................68 Interview with the Saviour Radio Channel, Detroit..............................................................69 The star of Bethlehem..................................................................................................75 The seal of David........................................................................................................77

One day, a few of the Ansar (Supporters)1 went to visit the shrine of Imam Al Husayn2 (PBUH) by foot. They would not take rest except by an Istikhara3. The Istikhara was good for one of the houses that was on the way. The owner of the house welcomed the Ansar. He was an old man. After he showed his hospitality to the Ansar, they went on to bring him the news of the dispatch of a Messenger of Imam Muhammad son of Al Hasan (PBUT)4.
So the man replied to them ‘’His name is Ahmed Alhasan and he is from Basra 5?” The Ansar said to him ‘’Yes’’.
He replied to them, ‘’I’ve known since 40 years ago.”
So they were very curious and sought to find out how and planned to visit this man again later on. A group Shuyukh and Sadaat6 from the Ansar later came to visit him which included:
- Sayed Hasan Al Hammami (May the peace and mercy of God be upon Him), - Shaykh Hazim Al Haqani,
- Sayed Talib Al Safi,
- Sheikh Muhammad Al Hereshawi,
- Sheikh Humood Al Kinani and Sheikh Hasan Al Kinani
May God protect them all.
The man welcomed us again and so we asked him to tell us about his amazing story. He delayed it until his relatives came by as they themselves were witnesses to this.
So he said:
‘’When I was young, I used to serve the visitors of Imam Al Husayn (PBUH). There was a man who used to help me and he became my friend. One day, the man called me by my mother’s name but not the same name that I knew of her.
So I asked my mother about this name and she said to me:
‘’Yes, this is my real name, but my parents changed it years ago and only a few people know of this”.
1 ‘Ansar’ is a plural Arabic word which means ‘Supporters’ in English.
2 Imam Al Husayn (PBUH) refers to the personality ‘Al Husayn son of Ali’ (PBUT) who is the 3rd Shia Imam. THe Shrine of Imam Al Husayn is found near the Euphrates river in Karbala, Iraq.
3 Istikhara can refer to any method of seeking counsel to God when one is confused on which decision to take.
4 ‘Imam Muhammad son of Al Hasan Al Askari’ (PBUT) is the name of the 12th Shia Imam and the Mahdi in the Shia beliefs.
5 Basra is a city located in the south of Iraq.
6 See ‘Abbreviations’ page.

Afterwards, I met the same man, and I asked him about his name and he told me:
“My name is like your name. I am called Mahdi, and they call me Abu Salih, so call me as they call you.”
So he started to narrate to me some stories filled with miracles. One day, he invited me to go and visit Imam Al Husayn (PBUT) by foot. I took permission from my father, and he granted me that. The man and I left before Maghrib Adhan7 and arrived right at the Adhan. I did not realise it on the way, but I saw that the earth was folded for us.
I was very curious and wanted to know who this man was. I asked him again ‘’Who are you O master’?”. He said to me ‘’I will tell you, but if you tell anyone of this, then you will not see me again except in the kingdom of heavens. I agreed.
He said to me: “I am Imam Al Mahdi son of Al Hasan Al Askari (PBUT)”.
So I cried and went down to kiss his hands and asked him about his time of appearance.
He replied saying: “God, SWT, will send you a messenger from me. His name is Ahmed and he is from Basra.”
I said to him: “O master, there are many in Basra with that name.” He said “He is called Ahmed Al Hasan” and he said to me,
“Do not turn back from giving him victory. He will have immigration, so follow him even if you have to crawl on the ground.”
And due to my happiness, I went to my family and told them of the news because I could not bear the weight of what he told me. I also told my relatives, so they ripped my clothes to take blessing from me and kissed my eye.
After the man finished talking, he told the relatives present in the gathering to bear witness and so they did. So the man immediately believed in Ahmed Alhasan. His sons contributed to changing the path that leads to the shrine of the Prince.
7 The Adhan is the Islamic call to prayer, recited by a muadhin at prescribed times of the day.

A brief biography
Ahmed Alhasan was born in the late 60’s and is from Basra, Iraq. He completed his academic studies attaining a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering before moving to An-Najaf Al-Ashraf.
Before 1999, Ahmed Alhasan would meet with his father Imam Mahdi (pbuh) in this physical world, learning knowledge and following in his footsteps. Acting upon instruction from Imam Mahdi, the beginning of the reforms began in 1999, starting with the religious institute of learning (or Howza) was to harshly criticise the falsehood within and to demand reforms academically, practically and financially. After a demonstration of criticisms and demanding reform which lasted till 2002, Imam Mahdi (pbuh) commanded Ahmed Alhasan to tell people that he is a messenger from the 12th Imam. And here began calling people to believe in Ahmed Alhasan in the 7 month of the year 2002, which coincided with the month of Jamadi Awwal 1432 AH
The Initial public worldwide announcement for this blessed Mahdi Call was made in 2002. Subsequently, the forces of Saddam Hussein (may Allah curse him) came after Ahmed Alhasan, who would then be forced into hiding for several months. In that period none of the Ansar visited him other than Shaykh Nadhem (may Allah protect him) who endured much in order to reach Imam Ahmed Alhasan at that time.
"My path is very difficult, you might not bear it. I don't have the Dunya8 with me, nor prestige, nor money, etc. Make up your mind from now on. Whoever wants the Dunya and it's vanities, then it is not with Ahmed Alhasan. I will continue my path even if I were alone."
Ahmed Alhasan
In 2003, some time after the fall of Saddam and the Bathist regime, The Mahdi Call was rejuvenated and spread in cities of An-Najaf Al-Ashraf, Basra, Ammarah, Nasiriyyah, Baghdad, Karbala and other provinces in Iraq too. Then Shaykh Nadhem Al Uqaily visited Ahmed Alhasan, accompanied by Husayn Al Jaboori (Abu Sajjad) and the Imam went with them to Al Najaf Al Ashraf at that time.
With the blessing of Allah, one of the Ansar there, Shaykh Habib Al Mukhtar (may Allah protect him), father of Shaykh Hazim Al Mukhtar, had a home in the area of Al Nasr in Al Najaf, which included a veranda, which was separate from his home. He donated this seating area for the work of the Call, which Ahmed Alhasan used as an office. It is where he would meet with people including Ansar, Howza students and others.
Ahmed Alhasan would live during this period in a house that was adjacent to the Al Sahla great mosque9 and he would be present in the office (or veranda) until late, meeting people and believers. He would also visit the Hussainiyah and would pray in them and establish Salah Al Jumuah (Friday Prayer) and meet believers and anyone with questions.
8 Dunyā (Arabic: ُد ْنیا ) refers to the temporal world and its earthly concerns and possessions 9 The Al-Sahlah Mosque is one of the primary significant mosques in the city of Kufa, Iraq.

Name calling, mockery & ridicule
The clerics of the Howza were well acquainted with Ahmed Alhasan and students would revere him before his holy claim. For example, those who would joke around with each other etc would cease when Ahmed was present. Even his enemies would say before the popularity and spread of the Call that Ahmed is ‘Al Sadiq al Ameen’10. The students of the Howza would call Ahmed ‘Al Basri’11, the truthful one and the trustee. His piety is indescribable as he was called the pious servant by the students of the Howza, before being called ‘magician’, amongst other things after his great claim.
When the divine call was put out to the people of the Howza, some would say things of the following sort:
“If indeed Imam Mahdi (as) was to send a messenger, then it would be none other than Ahmed Alhasan”, or as they called him “Sheikh Ahmed”.
Once a student of ‘irfan’12 even said to Ahmed: “I see you that have a mark on your hand and that indeed you are truthful.”
Before the fall of Saddam, there were hundreds of Shuyukh and students who saw visions which confirmed the rightful leadership of Ahmed. He would say:
“as long as the money in the Howza is not reaching its rightful place i.e. for the orphans, widows and needy ones, then I will not accept any financial support for myself”.
Ahmed Alhasan also told those students who pledged allegiance to him during that time that they would renegade their belief and that they would leave him alone. The students were dependent on the financial help that would go to them from the offices of the clerics of emulation (Maraji’) as well as other support. The maraji threatened those who believed in the call, that their salaries will be discontinued, whilst the Baathists who haunted Ahmed Alhasan and his Ansar also threatened them. This was to be another reason why they left the call and defected.
Even Ahmed would find it hard to go back home and was unable to find a shelter for himself at times. Many false accusations and slander would be forged against the Ansar, such as them being called Zionists, Wahhabis, Baathists etc. They received so much hate and condemnation from the people, especially in Najaf. Some people would say that the Ansar are crazy for believing in such a call due to the Baathist forces looking for anyone who was preaching this call. To which the Ansar would reply, “God is the protector.” Of course some even said that Yamani supporters are committing blasphemy and are Baathists themselves (i.e. from the ruling Saddam regime).
10 ‘Al Sadiq Al Ameen’ means ‘The Truthful, the Trustworthy’. This was what the Messenger of God Muhammad (PBUHAHF) was referred by others before His announcement of His prophethood.
11 The title “Al-Basri” translates to “Of Basra.
12 Irfan means “knowledge, awareness, wisdom”. Irfani is a compliment to someone who is considered to have great gnosis of God.

“The Ansar cried when this Husayniyah was destroyed by the government because it was built by the hands of Ahmed Alhasan himself.”

The scholars created and spread lies and rumours about the Ansar that they drank alcohol in the Husayniyah. We had been accused many times of being Wahhabis or Baathists etc with no proof from their side whatsoever. This was done to put a barrier between the people and the evidence and proofs of the call. So it is a shame when those people call us Baathists. They called him a magician and they said he had connections with jinn and spirits. They also said that he (PBUH) was an agent for Saddam. I was surprised at these so-called scholars and the way they lied and were unjust towards him.
The scholars started complaining to the government. Then the police came to the Ansar and Ahmed Alhasan (PBUH) was present and said to him, “Yes, how can I help, what bombs are you talking about, oh police officer?” with anger from Ahmed, so the police officer apologised and went away.
After some time the call spread increasingly and police went into the Husayniyah with their shoes on13 and took the Ansar. A police officer was there named Ghaleb Aljazairi wanting to destroy the Husayniyyah, with the help of the American soldiers. So they started destroying the Husayniyyah, of course through the Scholars orders - They even destroyed the Qur’an in the Husayniyah, not just stones and mud. The Ansar cried when this husayniyah was destroyed because it was built by the hands of Ahmed Alhasan himself.
“I will not make a supplication on them to hasten the punishment but I will be patient like Noah (pbuh), who was patient for 1000 years on his nation.”
Ahmed Alhasan
“But they mocked God’s messengers, despised his words and scoffed at his prophets until the wrath of the LORD was aroused against his people and there was no remedy.”
2 Chronicles 36:16
13 It’s considered disrespectful to enter places of worship and sacred sites whilst still wearing one’s shoes.

As a child
An Ansari narates:
There were men who had come back from the house of Ahmed Alhasan's parents, they started talking to my friend and I would listen. The area they came from is called Midayna14, where Ahmed was born. These men had met with Ahmed’s uncle, who was not an Ansari but he bears witness to the sincerity, wisdom, and strangeness of his nephew’s character.
He mentioned that whatever he foretold would happen. His uncle also said that his lineage was cut15 and that it traces back to Imam al Mahdi PBUH. His uncle also said that Ahmed could even tell whether a cow was to give birth to a male or female offspring.
In the 80’s, I was in Najaf and I saw a young man sitting and there were some papers underneath some stones that were next to him. So he said to me, “You can take this paper for free.” That paper had the method for istikhara16 with the letters that Imam Ali (pbuh) taught his followers. My friend had asked me about this paper and I told him that I took it from that young man. We went back to the shop where the young man was, however we were told that no such man had been there and that we must have been mistaken.
Ahmed was the one who taught us to ask God SWT through Istikhara when no scholar ever taught us this before. When I spread the divine Call in the country where I lived and told them about utilizing istikhara they would mock me and laugh at me. Only when some books were published later such as ‘al Balagh al Mubeen’17 did the people begin to take Istikhara seriously to a degree.
Istikhara (Arabic: استخارة), which translates to Prayer of Seeking Counsel, is a method performed by Muslims who are in need of guidance from God Almighty (Allah) when facing a decision in their life.
There are various methods to perform it. Three points should be noted when an individual is making Istikhara;
1. To not lean to one path over another.
2. To not change one’s mind after the Istikhara has been given.
3. To thank God Almighty for providing the answer.
When I knew that Ahmed Alhasan urged people to ask God about his claim. I was really moved by this, especially when It is common for others to ask person x about me and people would never say ask God SWT.
14 Al Madayna is a place in Basra, Southern Iraq.
15 A cut lineage refers to having an unknown character in the lineage.
16 Istikhara can refer to any method of seeking counsel to God for undertaking the correct decision.
17 Al Balagh Al Mubeen’ is a book written by the Scholar Nadhem Al Uqaily containing proofs for the truthfulness of Ahmed Alhasan (pbuh).

Sheikh Hazim al Mukhtar says:
“In 2002, I was imprisoned by Saddam’s men, the Fidayeen, may Allah curse them. I was tortured alongside many others. I was a believer in the call at that time. So I made a vow, “Oh Imam, O Sahib al Zamaan!” shouting from pain and torture, as well as saying, “Ya Zainab.” In a vision, Imam Mahdi (pbuh) came into the prison and a boy with him who was around twelve years old. Everyone was asleep. So Imam Mahdi stood by my head and he was shaking his head and the boy with him threw himself on me and started crying and wiping his hand on my head until all pain went away from my body. I thought it was the Angel of Death.
Imam Mahdi said to the boy, “Stand up my son, he is with us from our followers.” I kept on saying, “May Allah curse Saddam’s men.” Then when the guards came to me they would hit me more and more but I didn’t feel anything! No pain at all. Years later when I saw Imam Ahmed in Najaf, I then remembered that boy, it was Ahmed in 2002.
Advice for Mothers
“Make sure to protect your child from the evils of mankind, Jinn18 and every moving creature with the Qur'an and Supplication.
So when he goes to sleep every night, protect him with:
- Surat al-Falaq [The Chapter of the Daybreak], - Surat al-Nas [The Chapter of the People], and - Ayat al-Kursi [The verse of the Chair].
Try to have him read them with you. As the days pass, he will memorise them. For example:
When the child leaves the house and goes to school, teach him to say the remembrance of Allah so that it becomes a habit that he grows into. So that whenever he leaves the house, he remembers Allah.
You can have him say only (Ya Allah) [O God] whenever he leaves.
The remembrance of Allah is not only for the betterment of the hereafter of your child; rather, the remembrance of Allah safeguards your child from the evil of mankind and Jinn for you in this world, and from every harm.
You all wish for the safety of your children, and I believe this sacrifice is within the means of every one of you.”
Ahmed Alhasan
18 In Islam, a Jinn is regarded as an invisible creation that have families and religions. They are separate from Human Beings. Jinns are invisible to Human Beings whilst Human Beings are visible to the Jinn.

His blessed mother
“One of the most beloved people to my heart is my mother, whom I never left before this Call. I had to leave her until she died while I was far from her and did not say goodbye to her.”
Ahmed Alhasan
“My mother, whom these wicked people utter derogatory words against. They do not know her.
By God, ever since I paid attention to this world, I would see her fasting for three months, namely Rajab, Sha’ban, and Ramadan every year.
Yet these disgraceful people are uttering obscene words against her. I apologise, I may have hurt you with this, may God support you.”
Ahmed Alhasan
“May God magnify your rewards and may God accept your deeds, may God reward you with the best reward for the doers of good.
Days before her [Imam Ahmed Alhasan’s mother] death, I saw a dream that frightened me and woke me up, which I interpreted as her death.
And two weeks before her death, the ‘elwiyah19 had a dream: that there was a coffin, my son and and I and the ‘elwiyah prayed on it from three pillars, and there was something great and important in it. The ‘elwiyah also had a vision two days before the death of the mother: that she was dead and in bed, and I and the ‘elwiyah were near her and we carried her.
In 2006, when we left the house where my mother was (may God have mercy on her), and we were unable to return because of the harsh demands of the oppressors, I saw a vision while I was in Najaf in the last house that the oppressors attacked and forced us to leave.
I saw a vision: I was standing in a place, and I saw that there was a huge explosion as if it was nuclear so that many people died, meaning maybe half of the people died or some places were emptied of humans.
After this I stood and was wearing military clothes, carrying a large and very important banner.
I was walking north even though I was in the middle of Iraq. I was heading to my father’s house (may God have mercy on him) in which I was living with my mother (may God have mercy on her).
19 ‘Elwiyah refers to Ahmed Alhasan’s (PBUH) wife. ‘Elwiyah can refer to a woman who is a descendent of Prophet Muhammad (PBUHAHF).

When I approached the house from afar, I saw that the whole earth is green and very beautiful, and I saw my older brother's sons, then I saw my niece, and she said to me from afar: We are all fine, only Zainab's aunt died!
Then I also saw my sister from afar, so she addressed me and said: She died crying for the children, she wished to see them even for a moment!
When I heard it, I could not walk, so I bent down on the ground and sat crying and said: What is left, and I heard a great thunder in the seven heavens, as if the angels were crying, and the vision ended.
This vision is old and I narrated it to a number of supporters in the past.
It only hurts that she did not see the children, although she raised them, and I feel pain that I also kept them away from her, but if I kept them near her, they would have killed them.”
Ahmed Alhasan
From the book ‘With the Righteous Servant (Part Two)’

Attempts on his life
An Ansari narrates:
We met Ahmed Alhasan (PBUH) in the house of one of the Ansar. I saw Him (PBUH) and was drawn to his stature. He (pbuh) was sitting and around him were His Ansar.
A leading cleric there (I won’t mention his name) said that the scholars of emulation (Maraji’) in Najaf said that if Ahmed Alhasan comes to Najaf they will kill him.
So Ahmed Alhasan (PBUH) reacted and said:
“They want to kill Ahmed Alhasan!! Ahmed Alhasan will go to their offices one by one!!” I was scared for the Imam on account of his power and bravery.
Once the Imam was in a house and Saddam’s forces surrounded the house and they climbed the walls and demanded:
“Where is Ahmed Alhasan!?”
The Imam was sitting next to his mother (may Allah bless her soul and have mercy upon her).
The Imam was as if he was in another world.
He didn’t move at all and Saddam’s forces were in the house looking in each room, but they didn’t find him. I was shocked and perplexed. Ya Allah. So I went to the Imam and asked how? He looked at me and said leave that brother of course a miracle by Allah SWT that blinded these wretched men of Saddam.
After that the matters tightened around Imam Ahmed Alhasan (as) in a way because of:
1. Criminal and irresponsible fatwas (Religious rulings) from some so-called religious scholars of emulation.
As well as
2. The effects of some influential Iraqi movements at that time.
It led to the inability of Ahmed Alhasan to hold general meetings with believers in large numbers.
In 2006 he was forced to request some Ansar, including Shaykh Eedan Abu Hussayn, to search for a safe home in which he could live.
They found some farm land in some corners of Al Najaf and they bought it at that time and built a home in it for him to inhabit with his family. He moved to live there at the end of 2006, keeping distance from Ansar in general as well as other people, since thereafter he could not

be present in an office, or in any veranda on an ongoing basis, to meet with Ansar and the general public.
He was unable to establish Jumuah prayers in the Husayniyah, as before.
In this way, a new phase started at the end of 2006 for the Call, which was marked by an absence of meeting with believers face to face or talking to them directly, as before.
Ahmed Alhasan would simply transfer information and advice via the reliable believers (may Allah protect them), who were those that knew the location of his home and would contact him and would meet him at that time.
Among them was:
- Sayed Alaa Al Milani
- Husayn Al Jaboori (Abu Sajjad),
- Imam’s brother Muhammad (may Allah protect him),
- Shaykh Haider Al Ziyaadi,
- Shaykh Muhammad Al Hareshawi
and others from the reliable believers at that time.
In addition to his contact with the decision making body of Al Howza Al Mahdawiyyah20 and the Office that was in Al Najaf at that time, as well as him continuously guiding them.
Ahmed Alhasan remained in his home until he was forced to leave it in the beginning of 2007, since there was an attack by the greater military forces on it, within hours of him abandoning it with his wife and his children.
Naturally, there was no legal or permission granted for this attack. It was merely the dealings of some influential groups at that time. Unfortunately, they arrested one of the Imams neighbours and tortured him in a heinous way, even though his neighbour did not even know who he was. He was amongst them, but they did not know who he was.
20 The religious Seminary of the Mahdi.

In his own words
And just like that, it continued to be in this state from the end of 2006 until the end of 2012. And after the 6 years have been complete, as what Allah the Exalted and Mighty wanted, Allah has relieved by His Preference, Bounty and has saved for me. He saved for me by His preference some of the believers and their blessed efforts, the capability to transfer to a kind of safe place and just like that, a new stage from the call has started .and I was able to open a new page for social communications and to talk through this page with most of the believers and the people. And thus, we returned again to be with you, we listen to you and read what you write and speak to you and converse with you through the blessed social communications page and praise due to Allah the Lord of the Worlds.
Ahmed Alhasan 1433 AH
This situation continues with mere contact via some of the reliable individuals and through the internet sites for the Call, as well as the head office of the Howza and the Office which was opened in Najaf, Iraq, whenever the opportunity arose.
The situation around Ahmed Alhasan continues in an unsafe way such that it is not appropriate for the general population of believers and people to meet with him, and many Ansar were martyred and many were arrested and they remain under arrest until today, with no crime at all, except that they have believed in this call.

The battle of Najaf
A well known event took place in Najaf, Iraq in 2008 around Muharram21 and was widely reported. It was described as one of the fiercest battles that took place between the armed militia group known as ‘the soldiers of heaven’ and Iraqi, US and UK armed forces.
The Battle of Najaf took place on the 28th January at Zarqa near Najaf, Iraq, between Iraqi Security Forces (later assisted by U.S. and UK forces) and fighters, initially thought to be Iraqi Salafi insurgents but later reported to be members of the Shia Islam cult Soldiers of Heaven, who had joined a gathering of worshippers — or, by other accounts, a conflict, originally between an Iraqi government forces checkpoint and 200 armed pilgrims, which then expanded to include local residents, the Soldiers of Heaven group, and UK and U.S. forces.
What is clear is that this militia was a violent group and that they were well armed. The leader of the group's name was Dia Abdul Zahra and he claimed that he was the awaited Imam Al Mahdi, the 12th Imam. The group has been described as an apocalyptic Muslim cult and is reported to believe that spreading chaos would hasten the return of the 12th Imam.
Imam Al Mahdi is a religious figure in the Islamic religion who will appear at the end of time. In fact, he is a figure for all religions since each religion is awaiting a saviour and a reformer. This has been the case since the first civilizations like the Sumerians, who in those days awaited Gilgamesh.
Another thing which is clear, is that this armed militia didn’t care for life and killed many people in this event, including several of the Iraqi officers. It has been documented that the leader of this militia perished in the fighting.
During this time, the Ansar were mistaken for this particular “Armed” group, and despite all the Ansar’s efforts to distance themselves from this armed group, many of the Ansar were jailed and many lost their lives too.
The main difference between these ideologies is that the Ansar believe that a Messenger has been sent by Imam Al Mahdi (PBUH) and His name is Ahmed Alhasan who has an ideological call of peace.
21 Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar and considered to be highly religious, only coming next to Ramadan. It is the month in which Shi’i muslims mourn the tragedy of the martyrdom of Al Husayn son of Ali and His companions.

The New York Times reported on this incident and within it, it was claimed that Ahmed Alhasan was the deputy to Dia Abdul Zahra (Leader of Soldiers of Heaven) and that his name is Ahmed Al Hasan Al Basri.
Iraqi officials have claimed that Ahmed al-Hasan was also a participant in the fighting in Najaf. They also slandered him and said that he a Sunni pretending to be a Shiite.
An Iraqi general from the Babil Governorate told the New York Times in an interview:
"He is a Wahhabi, he is from a Sunni town".
Only due to the reason that the leader of the armed group claimed that he was Imam Mahdi and Ahmed Alhasan claimed to be the messenger of Imam Mahdi, is there an assumption that they were related. The whole article is filled with conjecture.
There is an important point, for clearly Dia Abdul Zahra was not truthful and is not the 12th Imam. For otherwise he would have survived and been protected by God.
It is a case of mistaken identity, which was largely motivated by revenge and the fact that a leader of the Iraqi officers was killed in the clashes and seeked to obtain retribution. This was the case even though the Ansar had nothing to do with the clashes at all and don’t even share the same ideology as the armed group.
From the Ansar, 24 brothers have since been sentenced to death, and 12 brothers to life imprisonment, in a single judicial sitting by a partisan judge without opportunities for a proper legal defence.
Since 2008, they have been facing imprisonment and torture at the Nasiriyah prison in Iraq, and two of them have died so far. One was Abu Maryam who was suffering from heart problems but received no medical attention at all until it was too late, with his family only notified a week after his passing.
The second was Abbas Sati Musa, who died of torture, in which his eyes were gouged out with a key and his hands were chopped off. Upon complaint in 2013, an arrest warrant was issued against the officers who did this and this order was raised according to Book No. 500 \ Amnesty \ 2010 on 5/23/2010 issued by the Presidency of the Federal Court of Appeal of Dhi Qar. However, they were later pardoned.
And this tragedy continues to unfold. On the 30th December 2021, brother Muhammad Ali, a teacher from Mejer Al-Kabeer in Missan Province passed away whilst in prison.

Muhammad Ali's brother, احمد حطاب الفیصلي writes:
“He got married on September 25, 2007. His wife was pregnant with a baby girl who did not see her father like other children because he was arrested three months later. He was then severely tortured with utmost cruelty to extract false confessions from him using torture and bloody tactics until he passed away on December 30, 2021. None of the government authorities stated his cause of death. He was imprisoned and oppressed for 14 years and was given no legal rights because of his belief in the blessed call of the Yamani.”
The Ansars in question were nowhere near the incident of January when it happened, and were arrested days after the incident, based on weak testimonies of other suspects in the crime, and a “Secret Informant” whose identity remains a mystery. The testimonies by the others who were charged based on which their indictment occurred were coerced and later retracted in court, yet the charges were not dropped.
An investigating officer, who was appointed as the judge for the case, happens to be a close relative of an Iraqi military officer who died in the clashes. This represents a huge conflict of interest in the legal proceedings of this case, which can be seen when the judge asked for the re-investigation of Ansar individuals whom they were not able to find any evidence against. Evidence such as weapons were fabricated, in which those weapons were found to be Non-operational upon further investigative examination. The officers charged with abuse and torture then absconded from the authorities to avoid punishments, but were later reinstated with a full pardon. Despite this, their previous investigations which indicted the Ansars as terrorists were not overturned.
And finally, of course the claims of the New York Times are false.
Ahmed Alhasan, who has nothing to do with the Soldiers of Heaven, was not killed in the clashes and remains alive.
In a more recent incident that occurred, Imam Ahmed Alhasan presented a small talk in .IHELRS building through an audio recording - معھد الدراسات العلیا الدینیة واللغویة
There were Ansar present who listened to the talk and some armed people arrived and came to attack the building thinking the Imam was actually there and that it was not just a voice recording.
Ansari prisoners in Iran
May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.
I ask Allah for you to be well and in good health.
Greetings to the visitors of this blessed page.
Greetings to the beloved believers in all the cities of Iran.
Peace be upon the beloved ones in all cities of Iran who have been imprisoned for their ideology.
May Allah help you tolerate the harm for the sake of Allah. But it is one of the favours of Allah bestowed upon you, so thank Allah for His favour.
Allah willing, you are the nation promised to give of its fruits at the end times, so be patient, remain steadfast and endure the harm and difficulty for the sake of Allah.
How many of you will they imprison because they find themselves incapable of ideologically and intellectually confronting you?
Can they deny the promise of Muhammad bin Abdullah, may the prayers of Allah be upon him and his progeny; can they deny the promise of Allah swt? How ignorant they are.
By Allah, if I am upon the truth, and if I am the caller to the truth at this time, and if I am the first Mahdi mentioned in the will of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad pbuhap, then they will not be able to put out the light of Allah no matter what they do or how many they imprison or how much they torture the ones who believe in the call of truth.
Unfortunately, in Iran today, the believers in the blessed call of Al-Mahdi are imprisoned only for their ideology. They have done this before in Iraq. I advise them to be reasonable, as arresting the believers or attacking them during Friday prayers in Yazd, Tabriz, Tehran or other Iranian cities will not accomplish what they are hoping for.
When they imprison ten, a hundred believe. And when they imprison a hundred, a thousand believe. I am giving them a solution, and if they are reasonable, they will accept it from me. Let them stop harming the believer, and if Ahmed Alhasan is false, then his call will end with no effort. But if Ahmed Alhasan is true, then his call will not end no matter what they do, and they will find that its light becomes stronger and more intense whenever they try to extinguish it with their mouths, {They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah refuses except to perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.} The Holy Qur’an (9:32)
Peace be upon the beloved believers in Iran. And peace be upon the pure believing women in Iran. Blessed are you, and may it be a blessing for you that the Messenger of Allah Muhammad pbuhap mentioned you and mentioned your own favor over a thousand years ago.
May it be a blessing for you that you were mentioned among the People of the Seventh Sky.
I know very well that you are a pure people who are as firm as rocks. And I know that you are a lofty mountain that does not submit to the tyrants. And you do not need a word from me to comfort or encourage you, but by Allah it is a word I am saying for the face of Allah

SWT, and I wanted to share with you the mistreatment and harm that you are going through, only because you believed in the blessed call of Al-Mahdi.
O beloved ones, may it be a blessing for you, for by Allah, it is Paradise and it is the path of Allah SWT, filled with difficulties, in order for Allah and His messengers to know who supports him because of the unseen even if the path is dreary and filled with difficulties.
Blessed are you, and for you is a good return. {That home of the hereafter We assign to those who do not desire exaltedness upon the earth or corruption. And the [best] outcome is for the righteous.} The Holy Qur’an (28:83)
You will be victorious and those who have imprisoned you will lose. And may the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you. Your Servant,
Ahmed Alhasan
Mohammad Sadegh wrote on Imam Ahmed Alhasan’s Facebook page:
"I ask you to pray immensely for the imprisoned Ansar and the Ansar of Iran." Reply from Ahmed Alhasan
"I ask God to give the believers in Iran relief and an honourable victory.
The injustice and tyranny that you are subjected to hurts my heart and makes me cry. Inevitably, God will give you victory, as the consequence of injustice and tyranny is destruction and demise.
{Be patient for the decision of your Lord. Indeed you are in Our eyes. And exalt [God] with praise of your Lord when you arise}" The Holy Qur’an Chapter "The Mount" (52:48)
Imam al Baqir said: “God Almighty has a treasure in Talkan, it is neither gold nor silver, it is twelve thousand youth in Khurasan, whose motto is “Ahmed! Ahmed!” They are led by a young man from Banu Hashim on a blond mule wearing a red headband, it is as if I am looking at him across the Euphrates. So if you hear about that, rush to him, even if you have to crawl over ice.” Montakhab Al Anwar Almodi’a, page 343

Fairness even to his enemies
An Ansari narrates:
The Imam (PBUH) would tell me to tolerate the pain caused by the believers and do not cause pain to them.
He (PBUH) would tell me to do what is good and to leave evil.
To invoke Allah SWT in matters of the Dunya and the Hereafter.
He would tell me to be fair to people, even the enemies of the Da’wah.
He (PBUH) would say:
“Do not say things which are not in them.”
“Give your enemies their rights and do not degrade them.”
“Show mercy and forgiveness to people.”
If you cannot heal their wounds and guide them to the path then who will. Tolerate the path that Allah chose you to embark upon.
Let your mercy be like that of the Imams (PBUT) for if you do not do so then you are not my Ansar.”
There was a sheikh who said that the Imam (PBUH) would defend the poor discriminated students. He would try to comfort anyone, even those who did not like him.
This sheikh also said that the Imam (PBUH) would always condemn Saddam and would try to expose his tyranny in front of the Howza, which trembled from Saddam at the time.
The courage of the Yamani (pbuh) led to suspicions that he was a Baathist from the intelligence services. Howza students would try to stay away from the Imam (PBUH) in Saddam's last days because they did not want to be arrested by his men.
In the beginning of the call in Amarah, there were people who mocked the Da’wah constantly.
One of them swore at the Sayed (pbuh), so I could not hold myself and I returned to Him the same word he used on the Imam (pbuh). Things got heated but Alhamdulillah nothing physical took place.
A few days later, the Imam (pbuh) came to us and my father complained against me to the Imam (pbuh) because of my action. The Imam (pbuh) was displeased with my action so I said to him:
“Sayed, that man crossed the line, should I have stayed quiet?”

He said to me:
“Yes, you should respond to him with verses from the Qur’an concerning those who fought the messengers and with narrations from the Family of Muhammed PBUT.”
He (pbuh) wanted to teach me the morals of the Qur'an.
Muqtada’s men hurt us in Basra and Amarah and killed some of us.
Prime Minister Noori al Maliki then attacked Muqtada’s militias in what is called Sawlat al Fursan which really hurt Muqtada al Sadr’s22 forces.
The Imam (pbuh) would tell us to help them, heal their wounds, bury their dead, and help support their widows and orphans.
Another time, one of the Ansar called one of the Maraji’ in Najaf his fiercest enemy with an improper name and he mocked him. The Imam (pbuh) looked at him and he said “Call people with their names.” This is how he raised his Ansar.
He would even tell us to help the families of the men of The Sadrist Movement (Al Tayyar al Sadri)23, the so-called Mahdi army of Muqtada al Sadr, even though these men killed and tortured the Ansar in Najaf.
There is no ‘I’ with Ahmed Alhasan (pbuh).
The Imam (pbuh) would say
“If I knew that the guidance of those who want to kill me is by me handing myself to them then I would have done so even if they killed and slew me.”
The Sayed (pbuh) would carry a paper in his wallet, which said, “If you get oppressed then be satisfied with Him who will take justice for you rather than you taking justice for yourself.”
22 Muqtada al-Sadr is an Iraqi Shia scholar, politician and militia leader. He is the leader of the Sadrist Movement and the leader of the Peace Companies, a successor to the militia he had previously led during the American military presence in Iraq, the "Mahdi Army."
23 The Sadrist Movement (Arabic: التیار الصدري al-Tayyār al-Sadri) is an Iraqi Islamic national movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr. The movement draws wide support from across Iraqi society and especially from the Shi'a poor in the country.
Ahmed Alhasan:
“As for cursing and insulting, this is not from our manners.
I ask Allah that He bestows upon me and make me among those who forgive the ones who have offended them.
And I seek refuge in Allah from being tough and vicious.
And I have forbidden the believing brothers and the believing sisters from [having] bad manners which would offend them firstly and would offend the Islam which Muhammad has come with secondly, considering [the fact] that they are affiliated with him (peace be upon him and his Family).
And I have asked them to possess the morals and manners of the Qur'an. And many of them know how many times I have asked them to read some chapters that show the Divine morals and manners and work by them.
So mocking, cursing, insulting, name calling, offending the honour of people, and every manner by which Allah is not pleased, is unacceptable and is absolutely completely rejected according to us, we do not accept it, and we do not accept that any believing brother or sister possesses it.
And peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you.” Dhul Q'idah 1430 Hijri
Book Al Jawab Al-Muneer Volume 4

An Ansari narrates:
I then went to Masjid al Kufa and saw around thirteen people, one of them was the Imam (PBUH) and they were taking the risk of praying in congregation when such prayer was not allowed by Baathist intelligence services.
After that I would see the Imam (pbuh) mostly in the Husayniyah. The Romans destroyed the Husayniyyahs in Najaf, Karbala and elsewhere, but he (pbuh) never feared them. He (pbuh) called us and said, “I will come to the Husayniyyah in Nasiriyah and give a speech in Jumu’ah prayers.” When the Imam (pbuh) entered the Husayniyah later on, I saw with him a strange staff that I had never seen before. We had been waiting for him (pbuh) in front of the door to safeguard the Husayniyah as we once found an explosive device planted there by government operatives and marja’ followers.
The Imam (pbuh) came alone in a car. He gave me some things but refused to give me his staff. He entered and gave his Jumuah speech. He (pbuh) told us not to let anyone hinder us from walking on the path to Allah SWT, not family nor anyone. Then we prayed and he left the Husayniyyah knowing that spies were all around ready to take him down.
Then the Sayed said before building of the Husayniyah in Najaf that he prepared us for a maseera (procession) in Najaf. For the first one, the Ansar came to my my house and the Sayed spoke to them at night and said to us, “We do not know what to expect tomorrow and if you want dunya then don't come with me tomorrow.”
The next day was the thirteenth of Rajab, the birth of the Prince (pbuh), so we marched to Masjid al Kufa and to Imam Ali (pbuh) and we're seventy two persons or seventy three like in Karbala’ on the Tenth.
The Sayed led us with his height and beauty. We said the truth has come and started chanting loudly. That was around 2003/2004 until we came to the Road of Rasool where Sistani had great influence and we found Failak Badir blocking the road and had weapons ready to shoot us.
We all stood firm and never looked back, so we said Allah Akbar, there is no god but Allah etc to intimidate them. The Sayed said Allah Akbar 7 times and they opened the road immediately and couldn't resist him (pbuh).
We reached the shrine of Imam Ali (pbuh) then we turned towards Kufa, the scholars would spit at us and curse us with filth, until we reached Muslim ibn Aqeel (pbuh) they would throw stones at us and we saw a woman holding her rib from far (you know who) and we started tearing while getting stoned.
They sent police behind us and the Americans to frighten us, but we were determined not to be and we reached Masjid al Kufa eventually. Bleeding and overjoyed from seeing the prophets on our way and Fatima (pbuh) calling us and encouraging us. The Imam (pbuh) in the middle of us was calm and the remembrance of Allah never left his tongue.

“The Imam led us with his height and beauty. We started chanting loudly that the truth has come and the falsehood has perished. We found them blocking the road with weapons ready to shoot us. The Imam said the words ‘Allahu Akbar’ seven times and they opened the road immediately and couldn't resist him.”

We would call out to the people directly, we would also put speakers on cars and then drive through Najaf’s residential areas whilst announcing.
We would march with the Imam (PBUH) who would lead us from The Prince of Believers (PBUH)24 to Kufa. The atmosphere of these marches would be very spiritual and full of miracles and awake visions in which we’d see the progeny of Muhammad (PBUT).
The Imam (PBUH) gave Sheikh Nadhem Al Uqaily clear instructions to write their first book with the title ‘Al Balagh Al Mubeen’25, as well as guidance on its format.
The Imam (PBUH) was regular in visiting the shrines of the Imams (PBUT), especially visiting the Prince of the Believers in Najaf and Imam Hussain (PBUT) in Karbala. The Imam (PBUH) would walk on foot to Karbala to visit Aba Abdullah (pbuh) despite the risk of being killed by Saddam's forces who slew the Shia countless times. We would go by car at times from one shrine to the next and the Imam (PBUH) would be with us.
The Imam (PBUH) would rarely cry in front of people. The Imam (PBUH) reminded us of many traits that were famous with the Prince of the Believers (PBUH). He had incredibly solid certainty and trust in Allah in every difficulty. He would say many things that would take place in front of us in the future - one miracle after the other.
The Imam (PBUH) would tell us to serve those who go to the Shrine of the Prince of the Believers (PBUH) with tea, food etc., etc. The Imam (PBUT) would go out with us knowing that his Ansar could be imprisoned, or killed by the enemies.
If He was angry at some actions by the Scholars of Emulation (Al Maraaji’), we would feel that even the walls would shake from fear of Him. We would wish that we were dust from the fear of him (PBUH) and his exalted position.
At times when things happened or some of us saw visions, He (PBUH) would say do not reveal these things to anyone because they had to do with the future of the call.
24 The Prince of the Believers (Amir Al Mu’mineen) is a title solely for Imam Ali ibn Ali Talib the first Shia Imam.
25 Al Balagh Al Mubeen is Arabic for “The Clear Conveyance”.

Imam Ahmed Alhasan said to Sheikh Nadhem Al Uqaily:
“Allah supported Moses with the staff and Saleh with the Camel, and Allah supports me with humans who see visions in the kingdom of heavens.”
One of the major signs of the reappearance of Imam Al Mahdi (PBUH) is the shout of Jibreel26, which the Imam indicated to the Sheikh that “the call from the sky” is in fact the visions that are seen by the believers.
I once told the Imam (PBUH) about a vision I had, so He said to me:
“What do you think of this vision?”
He would help us to reflect, to ponder, and to elevate our minds to higher levels. He would come to me months after telling him about the vision when I had forgotten about it, and would interpret it for me in detail.
The Imam (PBUH) was very clear about the importance of visions just like his Grandfather (PBUH). He called the vision the “words of Allah”. He would not allow any Ansari to laugh at a vision even if it was his own vision.
Ahmed Alhasan’s (PBUH) Facebook Post of Al-Mansuri's Vision:
In the name of Allah, the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful Praise be to Allah.
May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.
I found that Sayed. Dhiyaa’ al-Mansuri, may Allah protect him and straighten his footsteps, posted a vision on my page and requested its interpretation, and Allah willing, I will clarify its symbols.
Dhiyaa’ al-Mansuri: In the name of Allah, the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful.
May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you Imam Ahmed Alhasan al-Yamani. May Allah protect you and look after you. I hope that you will answer me and interpret my vision for me, as I find it to be a vision with a strong impact on me and the interpreters could not give me a convincing interpretation. Even in the books of vision interpretation, I could not find an answer. I am therefore asking you and if Allah wills, I will learn of its interpretation from you, with the help of Allah and His power.
26 The Archangel Gabriel.

The vision begins:
“In the name of Allah, the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful. I saw myself standing on a seashore and the sea’s tide was ebbing, but I was in prostration praying without rising from my prostration. I was prostrating on the mud and the ground had small holes in it, and in the holes there was water remaining from the sea. And during one of my prostrations, my hair was of medium length and when I prostrated, my hair went into a hole filled with water. When I lifted my head I found that a crab was clinging to a lock of my hair near my forehead, but I removed it with one blow, then it fell, and it was of a very small size. I prostrated again and when I lifted my head, I saw snow the size of small cotton balls falling down from the sky, and I looked at it and said ‘Subhan Allah [Exalted is Allah], this the first time that I have seen snow falling here.’ And the snow was coming down from the sky from the east, and it fell on my head and on an area behind me, but it did not fall on the entire ground, and there was no sun in the sky and the atmosphere was similar to dawn.”
This is my vision, and I hope that you will benefit me, may Allah increase you with His knowledge and enlighten you with His light. And may the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.
Thiyaa al-Mansuri from al-Basrah.
The interpretation:
Allah willing, I will clarify for you some of the symbols of the vision that you saw so that others will benefit from the interpretation of these symbols. And I believe that you will understand your vision if you learn about its symbols once you collect their meanings within your mind.
The sea: It is an indication of the vicegerents of Allah and their knowledge, and in particular, Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad (PBUHAHF).
The ebbing of the sea’s tide: It’s an indication of the temporary, complete parting of the vicegerent of Allah on His earth and the parting of his knowledge from the people, just as the water falls from the coast in a tide and from where the people live: the land.
The prostration: It’s an indication of obedience to Allah and believing in His vicegerents, like the prostration of the angels to Adam pbuh. So whoever sees himself prostrating in front of a sea, this means he will be supported in obeying the vicegerent of Allah and in learning from his knowledge.
The hair: It is an indication of the ideas of the human and what occurs inside of his head, so long hair in opposition to Allah can be dispraised, and long hair in other places can be praised because it represents the knowledge of a human and his ideas. Also, the type of hair in the vision can indicate the organisation of these ideas or their confusion or dispersion, whether it is organised and combed or curly. In the vision you related, the long hair is an indicator of the goodness of the thoughts of a human and his knowledge.
The crab: it represents a human who is deviated from the religion of Allah, and carries the quality of envy. The crab is somewhat similar to the scorpion, who represents the symbol of

envy in the kingdom of heaven. The crab’s claws symbolise that this envious person has the ability to introduce confusion to your ideas and information, and with these claws or confusion, he clung to your hair or let’s say he clung to your ideas, in an attempt by this crab or envious human to prevent you from prostrating like the angels prostrated to the vicegerent of Allah. So even his clinging to your hair was near your place of prostration.
Your quick removal of this crab and your return to prostration indicates the failure of this crab or envious human to move you away from the truth and the prostration just as the angels had to prostrate to Adam.
Ahmed Alhasan
Shaykh Alaa Al Salem said:
“Regarding seeing a vision of the Infallible in the true visions, I asked the Righteous Servant (a.s) and said: Would the Infallible be represented in an image that is different from his known descriptions? Meaning, for example I see the first Mahdi but in another image than his known description.”
So Imam Ahmed Alhasan (PBUH) answered me:
“Yes. In some visions, the image and appearance would have a meaning, meaning that the image and appearance would be a symbol or a sign to some truth. The name also has a meaning in the vision. Meaning if you for example see a person who has nothing to do with the vision, in reality, this person is not what is meant, rather what is meant would be his name only, as if his name is connected to some case, so whoever is not meant in the vision then what is meant would be his name.”
''Truthful visions are Divine signs because they don't happen except by a command from God Almighty, and the one who performs them are the angels of God, the Exalted and Most High and His righteous servants who don't race ahead of Him in speech, and they are by His command, working.
These signs are a great proof from God, the Exalted and Most High upon His servants because they are His words by which he speaks to the people, so whoever lies against them has lied against God Almighty and this is the greatest form of disbelief and lie. And the Most High said: {We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until
it becomes clear to them that it is the truth}The Holy Qur’an (41:53).''
Ahmed Alhasan
Enlightenments from the Calls of the Messengers Volume 2 page 37

The man of the will
Ahmed Alhasan’s 4th grandfather, Imam Muhammad ibn Al-Hasan Al-Askary Al-Mahdi, the 12th Imam PBUH, commanded him to invite and call all the people of the world on the basis that he is the Ahmed mentioned in the will of the Prophet (pbuhahf).
“Come, let me write for you a statement
after which you will never go astray.”
Prophet Muhammad PBUHAHF
Sahih Al-Bukhari (7:573); Sahih Muslim - Book of the Will
Imam Ahmed Alhasan PBUH says regarding the Will:
“In order for such a pronouncement to be personifying, there must be a divine guarantee that it is protected from being claimed by the false ones. Therefore, whoever claims it is its rightful owner. And the example of this is the Will of Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah PBUHAP, which Allah described through the words of His prophet Muhammad PBUHAP to be a book preventing from misguidance for whoever holds on to it. I spoke in detail about how to use it as proof and that it is a text personifying its claimant to be the vicegerent of Allah in more than one answer, and I clarified that my mere claim of it demonstrates that I am one of the vicegerents of Allah, because Allah described it to be solely a prevention from misguidance for whoever holds on to it.
Thus the Knowledgeable, the Capable, the Wise, the Absolute One SWT must protect the text, which He described to be a prevention from misguidance for whoever held on to it, He SWT must protect it from being claimed by the people of falsehood until its rightful owner claims it and its purpose is fulfilled. Otherwise, He would have been ignorant or incapable or lying or a deceiver and a tempter toward following falsehood for those who hold on to His speech. And it is impossible for Allah SWT to be ignorant or incapable because He is an Absolute, Knowledgeable and Capable One, and it is impossible that lying would come from the Truth SWT because He is Honest and Wise and He cannot be said to be lying. Otherwise, it would not be possible to rely on His words concerning any matter and the religion would be negated.
The Messenger Muhammad (PBUH & his Family), in the last moments of his life, describes the book (the writing) of the will to be a protection from misguidance. On Thursday, he wanted to write it for all of the nation and he wanted to have the public as witnesses upon it, but he was prevented from doing so by a group of people, and they doubted his mental health, and they said that he was hallucinating (meaning that he was babbling and did not know what he was saying). So he (PBUH & his Family) kicked them out. And the Messenger of Allah (PBUH & his Family) remained after Thursday until the day of his death on Monday. So he wrote his will on the night in which he died and he dictated it to Ali (pbuh) and some companions who were supporting that it be written witnessed it”

The Prophet Muhammad PBUHAP said to Ali bin Abi Talib on the night of his death:
“O Father of Al-Hassan, bring me a pen and a paper”, and he dictated his will until he came to a position where he said, “O Ali, there will be twelve Imams after me and after them there will be twelve Mahdis. You, O Ali, are the rst of the twelve Imams, Allah has named you in his heavens Ali Al- Mortatha, The Prince of the Believers, the Grand Truthful, the Bright Dierentiator between truth and falsehood, the trusted, and the Mahdi (the rightly guided). These names may not be truly attributed to anyone other than you. O Ali, you are my successor over my family, their living and their deceased, and over my women. Whomever you arm shall nd me tomorrow, and whomever you reject I am innocent of her. I will not see her and she will not see me on the Day of Resurrection. And you are the successor (Khalifa) upon my nation after me.
If death approaches you, hand it over to my son Al-Hassan the very benecial.
Then if death approaches him, let him hand it over to my son Al- Hussein, the martyr, the pure, the assassinated.
Then if death approaches him, let him hand it over to his son, the master of the worshippers, Ali.
Then if death approaches him, let him hand it over to his son, Muhammed Al-Baqir.
Then if death approaches him, let him hand it over to his son, Jafar Al-Sadiq.
Then if death approaches him, let him hand it over to his son, Musa Al-Kathum.
Then if death approaches him, let him hand it over to his son, Ali Al-Retha.
Then if death approaches him, let him hand it over to his son Muhammad, the trustworthy, the pious.
Then if death approaches him, let him hand it over to his son Ali, the advisor.
Then if death approaches him, let him hand it over to his son Al-Hassan, the virtuous.
Then if death approaches him, let him hand it over to his son, Muhammad the Entrusted of the Holy Family of Muhammad peace be upon them.
So these are the twelve Imams. Then after him, there will be twelve Mahdis.
So if death approaches him, let him hand it over to his son, the rst of the close ones.
He has three names, one like mine and my father’s: Abdullah (servant of Allah), Ahmed and the third name is The Mahdi (rightly guided).
He is the rst of the believers.”

—Sheikh Al-Toosi, Al-Ghayba p.150
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—Sheikh Al-Korani, Mokhtasar Mo’jam Ahadith Al-Imam Al-Mahdi p.301-13
Imam Ahmed Alhasan PBUH says:
“And the will is a book (a writing) which the Messenger of Allah (pbuh & his Family) wrote in the last moments of his life, following His, The Exalted, saying:
It is written upon you that when death approaches any of you, if he leave any goods that he makes a will to parents and near relatives, according to what is acceptable - a duty upon the God-fearing (Qur'an 2:180)
and he described it as being a protector from misguidance for the ones who hold tight to it.
And I emphasise; in the last moments of his life. Because he is a Prophet whom revelation is sent down upon and whatever he says in the last moments of his life is the summary of his message and that which safeguards the religion after him. So let alone the fact that [despite of] the severity of his illness and pains of the poison which was tearing apart his liver, he was very careful to write this book (meaning the will) and describe it to be a protector from misguidance.
If you want to be rescued from misguidance and deviation then follow Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) by accepting his will which he wrote on the night of his death, and which has the knowledge which is enough for you to be rescued forever, and it has the knowledge of the Hour, and knowing the truth at the time of the Rise, and [it] defines the character of the claimant [at the time] when this book, which is described as being a protection from misguidance, is raised.

And here it is the book (the writing) of the will which the Messenger Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) has written on the night of his death, it has been present for thousands of years in the books, and every human being has the ability to look at it and read it. However, not one liar/deceiver was ever able to claim it, although liars/deceivers are many, for Allah has dismissed away from it every lying claimant, for [you find that] a lot of people have claimed Imamate (being an Imam) or Mahdism(being the Mahdi), but never [will you find] anyone who was able to penetrate the veil of Allah which is stricken upon this book in order to claim it. And this reality clarifies what I have presented earlier, and that is that the description of this book to be itself a protection from misguidance means that no one can ever claim it except its companion whom the Messenger Muhammad (pbuh & his Family) has mentioned. And whoever claims it is saying the truth and he is its companion and that is enough of a complete evidence and established proof of the truth/eligibility of this call. So whoever wants the truth and knowing the truth/eligibility of this call, then the will and my claim that I am the one mentioned in it are enough for him.”
Ahmed Alhasan

Defender of the Qur’an
Ahmed Alhasan would always walk with the Qur’an with him. He pbuh says that the 12th Imam (PBUH) once said to him:
''Far is it that we take anyone with us except that he has our belongings with him''.
The Imam (PBUH) knew what the belongings were when he was sleeping. His Qur'an i.e. was in his side pocket. When He (PBUH) turned on his back the Qur’an fell directly on his chest and heart. When he woke up he knew that the belongings were the Qur'an.
There is no person more knowledgeable and authoritative of the Qur’an in the world than Ahmed Alhasan (PBUH). No one loved it more than He; He and the Qur’an are one. Never did I find anyone defending the Qur'an more than Him (PBUH).
Concerning the crime against the Qur'an being written in blood by the cursed Saddam, the Imam (PBUH) defended the Qur'an intensely. All scholars were silent or mute. They would expel the Imam (pbuh) from their homes when he told them to take a stance against Saddam saying: “Oh Ahmed, do not burn us with your fire.”
The Imam (PBUH) even once slept in an alleyway in Najaf just to inform people and to give the scholars encouragement to defend the Qur’an and get out of this destructive so-called Taqiyya27.
He (PBUH) defined his rightful companionship of the Qur’an by this experience. The Imam (PBUH) narrates:
“Imam Mahdi (pbuh) told me:
“The Qur’an is abandoned and I am forgotten. He repeated ‘abandoned’ and ‘forgotten’ three times.’’
We even witnessed the filthy American soldiers stepping on the Qur’an
Once I gave Da’wah in Najaf to a man called Azeez. I told him about his stance on the Qur’an and he said, “I bear witness at that time, Saddam wanted to arrest anyone called Ahmed from Najaf, especially the Howza.”
The Imam’s strictness with the Qur’an was intense. He prevented people putting anything on the Qur’an such as a book or keys or anything else, he was enraged. He would never allow anyone to extend his legs when the Qur’an was in his hands. He always put the Qur’an in his pocket. He would start his lessons by always starting with the Qur’an. He once commented on Tafseer al Mizan by Tabatabai, saying (PBUH) that it has some truth in it as well as falsehood at the same time.
27 In Islam, Taqiya or Taqiyya is a precautionary dissimulation or denial of religious belief and practice in the face of persecution.

Once the Imam (PBUH) saw no hope in the scholars, he decided to take a weapon and stand on a high place in the Shrine of Imam Ali (PBUH) and yelled to the people to rise for Jihad28 against Saddam (May God Curse Him). They begged him to stop because they were afraid for their lives, not the Qur’an, until Imam Mahdi’s command came to Ahmed (pbuh) telling him now is not the time for Jihad for verily Saddam will perish very soon.
Once we were going to Karbala and we passed by a mosque. The Imam (PBUH) went with us to the mosque to perform the Maghrib prayer29. He saw the bookshop there and picked up a tafseer of the Qur’an by Mudarrisi then he closed the book and was disappointed and said these people mock the Qur’an with their ignorance as if they’re explaining tales.
When he spoke about the Howza, he said, “They do not even teach the Holy Qur’an or the noble sunnah and hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad and the Imams (pbut) and as such they do not teach the divine morals and manners which must be displayed in every believer”
When the Imam would teach us the Qur’an we felt that our souls rose to the Kingdom of Heavens (Malakoot As-Samawaat).
Then, once at night he (pbuh) came to my house accompanied by other Ansar and told me to bring the Qur'an immediately and told me to turn towards Surat al Baqara30 and started explaining to me something which always fascinated me, that was the disconnected letters Alif Lam Meem.
I did not know how he (pbuh) knew that I was researching these letters. He would sit with us until Fajr31 and would not talk about anything but the Qur'an and would explain it to us. He (PBUH) would explain to us the pathways of the Heavens as if the Prince (pbuh) was sitting in front of us. One of the brothers was sleeping and when he woke up he told us to repeat what he (PBUH) said, so it was difficult for us to do so. So then one Ansari started speaking and this man who woke up would tell us as you brothers are explaining to me I can see the heavens one after the other as you speak as if I am residing in all of them. We were amazed at this miracle that took place.
The Imam (PBUH) would shout aloud in the Howza in front of the scholars:
“Is there any one amongst you who has some jealousy for the Qur'an?”.
The Imam (PBUH) stayed in my place at the beginning then he moved to Sheikh Hazim’s house. He started teaching us the Qur'an and the true Aqeeda/Belief. His encompassing of all differences of scholars was incredible that only an Infallible can have that capacity. When he spoke about the Kingdoms of Heaven until the morning it was as if we would ascend to the Kingdom of Heavens whilst he spoke; spiritual things are beyond comprehension.
After Maghrib, the Imam (PBUH) would teach us in Masjid al Kufa and Masjid al Sahla, until the morning. One night the words were heavy to an extent that we were unable to
28 ‘Jihad’ is an Arabic word which means "striving" or "struggling", especially with a praiseworthy aim. 29 One of the 5 daily obligatory prayers muslims perform. Maghrib means evening.
30 The Chapter of the Cow.
31 The rising of the Sun.

understand easily until one Ansari who was listening to him saw a Kashf32 of what the Imam would speak of and taught it to us.
Like Imam Ali (PBUH) would say, “Ask me before you lose me.” I then asked him a question from the Qur'an after Maghrib as the Qur'an was always in his hands.
The first time I met the Imam (PBUH) was in Hay al Nasr in Najaf. It was initially in the house of Sheikh Nadhem where the Imam was first staying.
I went there and I knew Sayed by name only. I was really attracted by the Ansari brother's conversation concerning the Da’wah. So I saw him and he had the Qur'an in his hand.
The first time I heard his voice was when he recited the Qur'an. He sucked me into his world with such a wonderful feeling. I didn't even know he was the Yamani I was searching for but that he was a special companion of the Qur'an.
Ahmed Alhasan said:
"The Qur'an is alive and does not die". "The Stories in the Qur'an are guides for us, if we act like the characters in the Qur'an, Our result will be like the result of those characters in the Qur'an"
“Ask them, does the Qur'an still run the path of the Sun and the Moon as the Imams (PBUT) had said?
And if it was so, then who is the owner of this verse at this time?”
“And remember when Jesus, son of Mary said 'O Children of Israel! I am the Messenger of Allah unto you confirming the Torah which came before me and giving glad tidings of a Messenger to come after me whose name shall be Ahmad.”
The Holy Qur’an 61:6
32 Kashf refers to a divine vision whilst awake.

Salah / Prayer
He would not move at all in his Salat33. His heart would be completely with Allah, His soul would be in the highest sky. He (PBUH) would always say:
“How do we thank God for His gifts? Try to achieve the truth and the objective of worship and creation which is to worship Him which cannot be known but by Himself SWT.
He would never leave Salatul Layl (The Night prayers). He would pray until the morning light.
He would cry and wail during prostration from the fear of God SWT until his voice became tired. Any mustahab (recommended) worship he performed, he would do in private out of fear of being praised.
He (PBUH) would split between the Noon (Dhuhr)34 and the Afternoon (Asr)35 prayer and would lecture us in between them. He said this is the Sunnah36 of my grandfather the Messenger of Allah (PBUHAHF). He told us to read the Supplication of al Dhakhira regularly and to pray Salatul Ghufayla.
He would separate between the Evening (Maghrib) and the Isha Prayer and would read Ziyarah Ashura and Surah Yasin between them.
For Salatul Layl, He would pray 4 units of prayer i.e. 2 units then end them and then another 2 and would sleep. He would wake up then pray 2 units and so on.
“And reflect upon the greatness of Allah while you are standing between His hands, and
prolong its prostration and its bowing, for it is your gift to the True King, and its reward is greater than it. And whenever you can not miss the group prayer in mosques, for the virtue of the group prayer is great. And do some of the favoured prayers, especially Salat al-Ghufaylah, and the night prayer (Salatul Layl), do not ever leave it for its reward is great.”
The Ambiguous - Part Three
Ahmed Alhasan
یا ھو یا من لا ھو الا ھو صل على محمد وال محمد وانصرنا على القوم الكافرین
“Ya Huwa (He), O He who there is no one but Huwa (He), send your blessings upon Muhammed and the Progeny Muhammed and make us victorious over the nation of the disbelievers.”
The Yamani of the family of Muhammad during his prostration.
33 Salat/Salah is an Arabic word which means Prayer.
34 Noon
35 Afternoon
36 Sunnah are the traditions and practices of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, that constitute a model for Muslims to follow.

Q 33: Why is takbeer at the beginning of the salah?
A: “In your salat you want to ascend to Allah and face the Exalted and Mighty, so salat is the ascension of the believer and the ascension will not happen until you ascend up the seven skies.
The key to every sky and the ascension to and from it until you go to the next one is "Allahu akbar.37"
Meaning the lacking poor servant intends to go to the Complete and Wealthy, and I want to ascend to reach Him the Exalted, to face Him and praise Him and revere Him and glorify Him the Exalted for His bounties and blessings upon me."
Answers in Mutashabihat
My Sayed, I want to repent. But I don't know why I don’t pray or fast; There’s something that makes me not pray, and something that makes me not fast, I am in very much in desperate need of your prayers - Please, my Sayed, my Guardian.
Imam Ahmed Alhasan pbuh answers:
In the name of God the Abundantly Merciful, the Intensely Merciful,
Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds. May God send prayers upon Muhammed and the progeny of Muhammed, the Imams and Mahdis.
You may pray the night prayer, even if you [just] recite two rakahs every night.
The blessing of the night prayer is that it will be a fortress for you from Satan, and you will be able to perform your duties successfully.
Also, you should read some supplications, which you can recite even while you are walking or sitting in the house, which is also a fortress from Satan. Start by saying:
"Exalted is He, He is Allah the One and Conqueror”, repeating it 10,000 times. Enlightening Answers Through the Internet, Volume 6.
Wherever I go in my affairs, the door is closed in my face, and I do not know what the reason is!!! So now I finally headed to a destination and thought it would come true, but it was closed on my face.
Is there a solution, may God have mercy on you?? !!!! 37 Allahu Akbar means “God is Greater”.

Answer from Ahmed Alhasan
"May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. May God bless you, my dear. Hold on to God, Glory be to Him, draw near to Him and occupy your heart with His remembrance always, and do not worry if something is late for you or progresses, for perhaps what slowed down is better for you because He knows the consequences of things.
Take refuge in the cave of God and fortify in Him, Glory be to Him. Do not worry if a door or doors close in your face, they will inevitably open one day and in the best case, then you will know that closing those doors pushes you to the best of the hereafter and this world.
Keep the night prayer and supplication, and God will open the doors of goodness for you, God willing."
Q: May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. I complain about the lack of provision and the ample (sic) of living, so I want my master and my master to teach me a supplication that if I supplicate with it, God will open for me in terms of what is calculated and not calculated. Yousef - Kuwait
A: In the name of Allah the most merciful the most gracious
Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and may God’s peace and blessings be upon
Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, the Imams and the Mahdis.
You have to pray the night prayer, for it is its blessing that it causes the abundance of sustenance, God willing, and also repeat a thousand times (Oh, sustainer, O Karim) in the rak’ah of Witr while standing before prostrating.
Peace, mercy and blessings of God. Ahmed Alhasan
Rajab 1431 AH
The enlightening answer c 6
Q: What is the meaning of “Indeed, for you by day is prolonged occupation.” (Surah Al-Muzzammil Verse 7)
A: “That is, during the day you have a lot of work in spreading the call to monotheism, exalting the word of God, Glory be to Him, and submitting to Him, Glory be to Him. So seek help with this work and Jihad (struggle) in the way of Allah by the standing of the night [Night prayer] not by sleeping such as how some are deluded by”.
Ahmed Alhasan

The Unseen
The Imam (pbuh) would also tell Ansar that Saddam’s cursed rule would soon collapse. In Saddam’s time, shops would even refuse the Imam’s request to print the book ‘The Calf’38.
The situation was dire in the time of the tyrant Saddam (May God curse Him). The last few months of Saddam's reign were the hardest. One Ansari reports that he would not discuss the issue of Imam Mahdi (pbuh) with even his close relatives and wife. He would make false ID’s and move from one city to another to escape having to join Saddam’s army.
An Ansari reports:
“One day, in late 2002, a friend of mine came to me and said that people were saying Imam Mahdi (PBUH) had sent a messenger. He told me there were some houses in Amarah which this messenger visited.
The next time I was drawn to him even more after leaving the shrine of the Prince of the believers (PBUH). So when I reached Sheikh Nadhem’s house the, Imam (pbuh) said to me I smell in you the smell of the Family of Muhammad PBUT (Ya Salaam!) Where were you my brother? He knew I was in the shrine. He hugged me again and told me, “Your Visitation (Ziyarah) is accepted.”
The Ansar asked him questions that night and one of them was Sheikh Nadhem Uqaily. He asked me more than once: “Do you have a question?”
I said: “No,”
But he said: “I can see your soul telling me you have a question.”
The Sayed started talking about the story of Prophet Ibrahim PBUH. Then I said:
“Yes, yes, Sayed. My question is concerning this.”
I asked him about the story of Hajar and Ishmael pbuh.
So I thanked Allah and stayed in prostration. The Sayed would explain and I would see exactly what he was talking about: kashf happened for me in the Kingdom of Heavens: I even saw Ismael and Hajar and drank from the water that Hajar saw. He would talk about the Heavens and we would see them miraculously from his mouth.
Once Sheikh Nadhem invited us and the Imam (PBUH), so the Sayed explained the Qur'an but I was unable to understand until I saw angels putting the words in my ears and clarifying to me and angels explaining to us in the Kingdom of Heavens as well as Adam and Noah and many prophets teaching us through the Imam’s words, miracle after miracle, seeing
38 ‘The Calf’ is one of Imam Ahmed Alhasan’s (PBUH) first publications.

lights of these beings i.e. Prophets in the Kingdom of Heavens...all of them helping us with the blessing of Ahmed as if we were in heaven all the time. I saw Jesus etc light after light.
We would see angels praying behind him in the Kingdom of Heavens.
Once I heard Adhan at the time of ‘Asr’. It was very strange, not like anything I’ve heard of before. A few months later in Najaf when I was in sheikh Hazim’s house the Imam (pbuh) came and made athan with his voice and I remembered this voice which I heard months ago before even seeing the Imam (pbuh) or getting to know him well. I started crying and he smiled at me telling me, “Yes, this is my voice you heard before.”
The Imam (pbuh) told us that after a few months from now Saddam, Allah curse him, will fall - he said in five months.
He told us that in a few months time an important event will take place whereby King Fahd of SaudI Arabia is going to die.
He would cry when he recalled the Prophet and the Prince (pbut) as well as Fatima (pbuh). He had the same physical features that were mentioned of him in the narrations and Allah bears witness to that.
The 21st of the month of Ramadan, the Imam would be sick, due to the martyrdom of Imam Ali (PBUH).
I saw in a vision that I was sitting in the Husayniyah of Nasiriyyah, which was built after the destruction of the one in Najaf by the Romans. I was sitting in it with Sayed Salih, and Abu Aya who were my colleagues in the oil company. I went out from the door which points towards the qibla and Sayed Ahmed Al Hasan (pbuh) was sitting on a chair.
He had minor guns next to him and started shooting at us. He kept on following me and shooting until I escaped and entered a toilet. This toilet had impurities which reached my nose.
Here the Imam (pbuh) threw his gun and took a heavy one, like a RBG7 Bazooka. He fired a rocket at me so I died but could still hear the Imam (pbuh) and see him. So he smiled and said, “Now when have you died?”
The next day when I went to the Husayniyyah to help others build it, I told this scary vision to Sayed Salih.
So he told me he would ask the Sayed (pbuh) about the interpretation of this vision.
That same night I had another vision: the Imam (pbuh) was sitting with me in the Husayniyah. He said, “Oh Majid, anyone who sees in the vision two moons then he is from the Ansar.

He said the vision that you saw where I kill you is good because it concerns killing the ‘I’ and the ego which is fed by this dunya.
You, oh Majid, were lost in the dunya so I needed to do something big to get you out of the dunya.
The next morning when I went back to the Husayniyah, I was delighted. Then Sayed Salih met me. “O Majid, the vision you saw was good.” Sayed Salih said. “Yes I know.”
I said to him, “How did you know?”
When I told him, he was shocked and told me that he asked the Imam (pbuh) and received the same interpretation in this worldly material life.

An Ansari narrates:
At that time the main proofs of the call were miracles, visions and proofs from the Kingdom of Heavens, more than it is right now
I had a young daughter who was sick and had facial eczema and none of the doctors were able to help me. This disease ruined her face. The Imam (PBUH) saw her, he wiped his hand on her face and read some words and since that time until today, no sign of any disease was visible on her face again.
My daughter also had an allergy to bread and anything which had wheat in it. I saw her once with bread in her hand and she was feeding her younger sister so I was in pain when I saw this.
I asked her to bring the bread and say Ya Ahmed on it, so she said it and ever since she would eat bread without any allergy or problems.
My brother Bashar in the time of Saddam (May Allah Curse Him) had cancer in the lymph nodes and despite chemotherapy his chances of survival were very low.
The Imam (PBUH) sent his closest companions to my brother, they helped him and recited some things to him and the Imam (PBUH) said:
“Tell him, oh Ansar, that he should go back to the hospital for a check up.”
The doctors were shocked as to how my brother was healed when at that time we were in complete despair
We would sometimes not find anything to eat for breakfast and would supplicate by the name of Ahmed (PBUH) and would find somebody had knocked on the door and some plates of food would be there in front of the door.
I remember once that the Imam (PBUH) gave a brochure of the book al Balagh al Mubeen by Sheikh Nathim al Uqaily to Sayed Saleh Al Safi and told him to spread it in Baghdad.
I went to visit Imam Al Kadhim (pbuh) in Kadhimiya, Baghdad and I was hungry.
I said ‘let me find something to drink’. I entered a shop and suddenly I found Sayed Saleh behind me. So we drank juice and went to visit Imam Kadhem (PBUH) and then we left.
He said to me, “We need to go to Madinat al Sadr39” where al Sadr militias would execute and kill those whom their scholars gave verdicts against.
I said, “No worries, it’s dangerous but we need to spread the brochures.” Then suddenly something strange happened where Sayed Saleh received a message which had no number, name nor anything, completely anonymous on his phone.
39 The City of Sadr.

The message was repeated forty times and it said: “Do not fear, verily I am with you, I hear and see.”
We quickly distributed the brochures to the people in Madinat al Sadr avoiding too much attention.
Sheikh Jihad al Asady rushed to us and told us that Muqtada al Sadr's militias aka Jaish al Mahdy are looking for you. Then a miracle happened: we would see them armed coming to us - we were right in front of their eyes but would see them asking each other, “Where did these two go?” Allah SWT blinded them. Then Shaikh Jihad al Asady took us to the home of an Ansari. We had never seen this Ansari before. We prayed Maghrib and Isha prayer with him. Then he said to us, “I want to tell you something.” He said, “My wife saw a vision last night where Imam Mahdi (pbuh) told her ‘Ansar will come to you. Welcome them and make them feel at home.’ ”
About miracles
“As for your request for a sign specifically for you, may Allah support you, straighten your footsteps and gift you with wisdom, know that the successors of Allah are not clowns or circus performers, nor are they acrobats who roam around amongst the people in the streets to perform acts for them that fascinate them.
Rather, the purpose of the miracle is that it is a sign from Allah proving that the one with whom it occurs is a vicegerent from the vicegerents of Allah, and that Allah defends him and supports him.
May Allah support you and straighten your footsteps. Take note that Allah stated in the Qur'an that He wants faith in the unseen. That is why even when He does present miracles, He leaves room within them for believing in the unseen, and He does not make them compelling miracles that do not leave room for the unseen. And if He does so, He does not accept the faith of whoever believes because of it.
And the story of Pharaoh in the Qur'an is well-known and there is no reason for Allah to reject the faith of Pharaoh other than the fact that the sign was compelling and did not leave room for the unseen. And I clarified this matter in detail in the Interpretation of a Verse from Surah Yunus, so refer to it.
I assure you that many atheists are completely honest in their statement when they say, “If God exists, then why does He not create a small miracle for us, proving His existence so that we will believe in Him?”
And here, on behalf of Professor Richard Dawkins, I present to you a request from him for a miracle, as he says, “Why does God not make the cut off hands of a religious person grow again like the amphibians when some of their ends are cut off, so that we can believe in His existence?”

Can you clarify for him why Allah does not respond to his request, considering that you are a believer in Allah? For his request is directed to all the believers, especially those who believe in free miracles that are thrown left and right just for the sake of the people to believe, even if it is a belief free of any room for the unseen.
Those who say that Ahmed Alhasan must bring them a miracle on demand, otherwise he is not truthful, are obliged to bring Professor Dawkins a miracle from their Lord in which they believe.
And I believe the Lord to be more capable than the servant. And if they do not bring him a miracle, then according to their law, Dawkins is one hundred percent right and atheism is correct based on their own rule which they have acknowledged themselves.
So do they accept this result, or does that satanic law of theirs only work when confronting Ahmed Alhasan?”
Ahmed Alhasan Facebook post

Wealth and worldly possessions
An Ansari narrates:
The Imam’s house was next to Masjid al Sahla with two rooms outside, the two rooms which were separating the children from the guests were made from reeds.
He would receive gifts and give them away to the Ansar, never keeping them for himself
One day, a fragrance was given to Dr Alaa Alsalem and so the Dr assumed that it was a gift for Himself. Dr Alaa later found out that it was a gift for Imam Ahmed Alhasan and so he regretted his actions until the Imam (PBUH) said “I am Ahmed Alhasan; I am for you oh Ansar so do not grieve yourself.”
The Imam (PBUH) has been reported to say:
“These fools (non-working scholars) think that Ahmed Alhasan is competing with them for this dunya that they embraced.”
He once had 50,000 Iraqi dinars in his pocket. When he saw that one of the Ansar was in need, he gave it all to him. I said to him Sayed at least give half of it to him, he said that is not your concern. He (PBUH) would conceal his good works away from us to keep them between him and Allah and to avoid being praised. He was ascetic and withdrew himself from this dunya completely.
He would sit next to the door in majalis, not getting attention by sitting in the centre like others.
He (PBUH) did not even have his own transportation vehicle unlike the maraji’ who had the most up to date cars (plus their Ferrari’s and Porsche’s in London and the USA). He would either rent cars or borrow the car of one of his Ansar.
He (PBUH) would donate whatever he could to us to print the books. His wife sold her wedding ring and the Imam pbuh used that money to spread documents to people in the street.
As for me, I am married to one wife only [since] before the Da'wah, and she is the mother of my children, I have not known except her in my life, neither through a permanent marriage nor a temporary marriage, so where is the request for Dunya in this?
He (PBUH) would always order those whom he appointed to safeguard the Bayt al Maal40 to never keep surplus, but always spend it on the orphans and widows and those in need.
He (PBUH) would say: “Do not leave Bayt Al Maal with any money if there is a hungry orphan. Spend this money on Ansar and Non Ansar.”
He would even give money to Christians and help their sick ones. 40 Refers to the House of Funds.

The Sayed lived in my house for several years until the end of 2007/2008. My house was a target for the thugs, hence, when a man from Hilla came to the Prince (pbuh) and asked about the call, people pointed towards my house. Many people from all over Iraq would come to see the Imam in my house. So the call started from my house in a significant way.
The Sayed (pbuh) himself would welcome the people and he would inform and give da’wah himself to people from all sects and to followers of any of the scholars. One day a sheikh from Nasiriyyah came and the Sayed told him he would believe, although he was a follower of Sistani and was stubborn.
We then found a piece of land in Najaf to build our first husayniyah through donations from the Ansar. The first to donate was the Imam himself when his condition was one of the most difficult. The Sayed would be building along with us, just like the Prophet (pbuh) with al Masjid al Nabawi. Some Ansars would come from all over and would sleep in the Husayniyah just to help the Sayed. Then a young man came to us and said, “I saw a dream/vision. I saw a man with light coming to build a Husayniyah so we told him about the da’wah and he believed in it.
The Sayed (pbuh) would work with us the most and barely rest in the Iraqi heat. He would sweat much in summer time, he even had sun burns. He would gather wood for us, etc until the Husayniyyah was built finally and it was called the Husayniyyah of Ansar al Imam al Mahdi, built from clay and the roof of tree branches like the Prophet’s Mosque. Scholars would laugh at us, saying “Haha! The Message Movie Part 2.”
We could not afford to make a ceiling for the Husayniyyah at first, nor lay down a carpet. The Husayniyyah was built from mud and we used to prostrate on the hot burning mud/sand. In the mosque he would teach us constantly, it was the best thing. He loved sitting on sand and he taught us the Qur'an. Sheikh Nathims first book was written in this husayniyah, along with “The Calf” which was written by the Imam at that time. They were truly great days never to be forgotten. Then people came into the da’wah and it spread.
We would eat dry bread and onion, that’s what we ate with the Imam (pbuh). He would serve us like no one else just like his fathers PBUT who served the people without asking to be served. He would serve tea to us with his own hands. He (pbuh) would treat us like a brother and father. He would cook for us and clean our clothes, etc. He was a father to us and he would serve my father when he was at my house and would carry gas tanks on his shoulders with us serving us in everything. He would stand in queues and wait with people and help them before himself. He would work with my brother in making honey that he would give to the Ansar before thinking of giving it to himself.
Once while we were in the car, the petrol was running really low. We took out the fuel tank and put it on the road in order for those who drive by to stop and help us. The Imam (pbuh) would be very confident and would tell us, “It’s a matter of time and we will get going soon” and Subhanallah, how many times did this happen with him
Once, the Imam (pbuh) when Nathem Al Uqaily and Abu Sajjad accompanied him, the tyre was pierced and he himself was the one who fixed it, when we reached the place where

vehicles are repaired. Another time in Amarah, my parents were coming back home and the car stalled in the middle of the road. I drove by and saw them by coincidence. The Imam was covered by oil whilst fixing the car and would not let them help him.
"May God reward you with the best reward for the doers of good, and I ask God to make me worthy to serve you, O supporters of God and the supporters of Imam Al-Mahdi (peace be upon him), I see myself only as a sinner who falls short, and I do not see you except for God’s elite among His creation and the best of His servants who chose you to support His religion, God made me a servant to you, and I ask Him May He help me to fulfil your right, and may God not deprive me of your supplications and the blessing of your kind and pure words."
Ahmed Alhasan
The enlightening answer c 3 of question 216
(And they say: "Why does this Messenger eat food, and walk about in the markets. Why is not an angel sent down to him to be a warner with him'' Or; "(why) has not a treasure been granted to him, or why has he not a garden whereof he may eat'' And the wrongdoers say: "You follow none but a man bewitched.'')
The Holy Qur’an [25:7-8]

An Ansari reports:
The Imam (PBUH) would come to my house to visit my family several times in Karbala and Amarah. The Imam (pbuh) was very simple in clothing. It would be hard to differentiate him from others in the street.
One day the Imam (PBUH) was wearing a thawb which was torn due to it sticking to a door and then he said Alhamdulillah on everything, not go and buy another one.
We would see him with one thawb and would not have another one or wear a new one. He had the same slippers. He would wash the same clothes and wear them again when he takes a bath.
The Imam (PBUH) would say:
“I do not like wearing anything that has no hole in it. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah) Who gave me an example in my father the Prince (pbuh).”
The Imam (PBUH) would say:
“How will you answer Allah SWT when He asks you about why you cut off the money from the Bayt al Maal to a certain orphan or widow.”
One day we were waiting in front of the house of one of the sheikhs and the Imam (pbuh) came with another Ansari brother in a car. The Imam (pbuh) saw that this sheikh has shoes in a poor state so the Imam (pbuh) removed his shoes and gave them to him and went to give dawah with us barefooted.
When we entered a house he never let himself enter the house before us.
I never saw him joking. That doesn't mean he never smiled or laughed PBUH. He laughed softly and in a low voice.
He would not appease anyone or be easy with the truth. He would be pleased with you if you do the right thing, and would be angry and displeased at you if you did something that displeased God SWT.

An Ansari narrates:
He is extremely brave and would eat little, not sleeping much, sometimes for 3 consecutive days.
He would eat whatever would be found and would not order anything. He would eat our simple food and in the smallest portions.
Once I knocked on his door he told me:
“Take this food and give it to that brother.” I did not know how he knew about that person's hunger.
He said to me (PBUH):
“Do not call me Sayed or Master, but call me Abu [Place child’s name here]41. I am your brother, your friend.”
He said when the food came that we should all eat from the same large plate. He (PBUH) would divide the food equally between the Ansar and would leave the least amount for himself.
I sat in front of the Sayed and when I finished my plate of rice, he looked at me and gave me his plate of rice. I did not understand his (PBUH) action but ate anyway. I soon found out that rice symbolises safety so he took safety and gave it to me. He knew I was scared of him (PBUH).
He PBUH, whilst eating, would have one bite and then would speak and teach while we would be busy eating and listening to him at the same time. He would not have eaten anything but very little. I remember once how PBUH put in front of us an eggplant and said:
''The eggplant is the first plant that confessed to Allah's oneness SWT
It is a malady for he who sees it as one, and it is a cure for he who sees it as a cure. Look how the eggplant is the cheapest plant in Iraq , how it satiated the stomachs of the people of Iraq and how much it saved them from hunger in the days of sanctions and war. But the people of Iraq would even make fun of the eggplant and make jokes about it. Likewise did the people of Earth confront the people of monotheism who came to save them from their misguidance.”
41 In Arabic culture, it is usually a form of respect to call someone by their eldest child’s name. For example; Someone would be called ‘Abu Ali’ [Father of Ali] if their eldest son’s name is Ali.

The fasting of the Soul
Q: "May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you.
May God welcome you my beloved, the Riser of the progeny of Muhammad, peace be upon
There is a fast for the spirit; it is when the human avoids food that comes out from something with a spirit, such as meat or fish. Is this act (fasting of the spirit) favored, or is it a Sunnah (way) of the Ahl al-Bayt of Prophet Muhammad PBUT?
I hope you might choose to answer us. May God reward you with a great reward, my beloved.
I apologise to God, and to you, for my shortcomings."
A: "May God welcome you my beloved.
Personally, every year, I abstain from eating animals [meat] or their products for the entire month of Dhu al-Qadah, and I also add to it, fasting for the first 9 days of Dhu al-Hijjah (the usual, known fasting). This fasting is not obligatory, but it benefits the human's spirit, his sustenance, and his bodily health."
Ahmed Alhasan
To improve memory
"In the name of Allah the most merciful, the most gracious.
Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and may God’s peace and blessings be upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, the Imams and the Mahdis.
To memorise: Take a mug and put a little honey in it, add warm water to it and read Surat Al-Fatihah, Ayat Al-Kursi and Surat Al-Tawhid on it and drink it before you break your fast.
The Enlightening Answer Through the Ether - Part Four

Comforter to the children, orphans & sickly
An Ansari narrates:
The Imam (PBUH) would listen to the young child until the child finishes, he would be humble even with the children:
He (PBUH) would tell us:
“The most merciful of you is he who is merciful with his children.”
“Be like Ali ibn Abi Talib (pbuh), the same way you tell your women to be like Fatima (PBUH).”
He PBUH would say:
“Listen to everyone who speaks to you, even the young child. For verily you do not know what Allah SWT wants to tell you through His creation.
And how great it is, if you looked upon their speech even if he was your fiercest enemy. Allah SWT speaks to you even through a stone.
If you immediately dismissed their talk then you would be insulting and dismissing Allah’s message to you''.
When we travelled around Iraq, the Imam (PBUH) would be heartbroken and emotional when he saw the orphans and widows on the road, next to dust bins looking for food, etc.
I never remembered the character of Imam Ali (pbuh) and his love for the orphans except through Ahmed Alhasan (pbuh).
He (PBUH) would cry for the orphans and would be in constant remembrance of them.
When we sat in a gathering and drinks would be offered, the Imam (PBUH) would always say start with the young ones first.
He was very patient with us. He never got fed up with anyone; some that were even illiterate would sit with him - that is the humility of Ahmed (PBUH).
The Imam (PBUH) would never return or reject any question posed to him by the Ansar. His words were not in vain but all backed up by the two weighty things at all times just like his words in his books
He would never be bored of anyone or prefer one Ansari over the other. Even sometimes when the Imam (pbuh) would go into his bed and cover himself, an Ansari would sit next to his head and tell him a vision. He would listen to us until Fajr prayer and would not complain of fatigue or anything of that sort. He was just and merciful in that he would talk to each of the Ansar according to his mental capacity. If we acted inappropriately he would teach us like a father teaches his son meaning that he would teach us by practice and not words only.

His humility is so extreme that some would think he was some random person who loved sitting on Torab like Abu Torab. He loved the sick, the orphans and the poor. Those who were distanced by people he would open his heart for them with him (pbuh).
Once a man who was very sick with a skin disease came to the Imam (pbuh) and wanted to believe in the Call. This man would stay in the husainiyah but some dispute arose between him and some Ansar, perhaps because of improper behaviour. This reached the Imam (pbuh) and the Imam was angry: he said, 'He who belittles the lowest of Ansar belittles Ahmed alhasan.’
Another time, my son Muhammad was sick so he sat in the Imam’s lap and urinated in the Sayed’s lap and we became angry. The Sayed replied, “No, I will wash my clothes myself, no worries.” Just like his grandfather Aba al Zahraa’ (pbuh) when the same thing happened with him in Madina. The Sayed (pbuh) went to Basra and sacrificed an animal for my son and then came back to Najaf just for my son.
"Reform your children, may God reform you, by teaching them the Qur'an, praying, fasting and remembering God. Tell them the stories of the prophets, successors, good men and good women for them to take as an example and follow their path. Don't neglect your children when they are in the darkness of this world.
Teach them the religion of God and His jurisprudence so that they don't become ravaged by Satan.
Don't leave them with the internet or television or in any other way that could transmit corruption without supervision. Reform those who do wrong acts, direct them and watch their behaviour and acts."
Ahmed Alhasan Shaban 1433 AH (2012)
Raising Children in the modern world
Q148: In an age where entertainment is abundant, how do we raise our children?
How do we turn them towards the Qur'an instead of TV programs that don't benefit? And cause harm? How do we plant the seed of Al-Hussain, al-Abbas and Zainab (pbut) in them?
How do we protect them from mistakes; mistakes from arrogance, selfishness, and others?
What is the mother's role in making her child a Hussaini (follower of Imam Hussain a.s.) and a real Shia?
How should we deal with children? What is the best way to deal with them?

Raising up the children in the correct way is Wajib [obligatory], which is carried out by the parents. In the case of games, watching TV, or even going on the internet to play computer games [and similar things], then the parents are obligated [wajib] to keep an eye on their children and prevent them from evil and corrupt matters.
For example: If a child went on to the internet to play games, then it is obligatory that he does this under the eye of their parents.
However, it is not permissible to prevent them from playing games or acting out their childhood [nature]; because this will have [negative] side effects on them when they grow up.
In addition, some games are educational. So it is possible to turn the child towards beneficial games and encourage them towards it. For example, It is possible to encourage them to [creative] design or solving geometrical puzzles, or similar.
And many of the children are capable of playing these games, and they result in developing and advancing their intellectual skills in a really big way.
And, in regards to teenagers, it can be a tool to distract and keep them busy away from thinking about other matters that are corrupt.
Likewise: It is possible for the child or teenager to search in order to learn and advance their skills. So it's possible for the parent to assign their child to search for specific intellectual topics, or something concerning their everyday lives, or something historical.
As for the religious matters, do not let them bear [duties] more than praying Friday prayer with their father, as an example [i.e. something small]. Little by little, encourage [and motivate] them to pray a 2 unit prayer by themselves and for them to supplicate for fulfilling a specific wish.
Because if they feel the fulfilment of their wish then their connection to Allah will be strengthened, and faith [Iman] will start to take root in their heart, little by little.
Remind them of Allah with regards to everything. When they fight each other, then say to one of them, for example, "Forgive your brother or sister and Allah will make you like the Prophet's peace be upon them". And from this, you will bring to life the good manners in them. And at the same time, requesting perfection.
If one of them does a good deed, for example, prays a 2 unit prayer or obeys a command, then congratulate them and say to them good things. And [in turn] Allah (SWT) shall bestow [favours], bless you and remember you in front of His Angels.
Likewise: It is possible for you to play a [video] program daily, for example, an hour or half an hour; in order to learn part of a small Qur'anic Surah. And for them to repeat it back to you. And day by day, they will memorise the Surah.
For children that are older than 10 years, try to organise their weeks. For example, four or 3 days a week, no playing games. But allow them to enter the internet or to be occupied with

matters other than their studies so it can be a search for scientific/intellectual matters, or historical, or reading a book, or reading matters that are specific to their studies, or reading stories that are specific to the Prophets and Imams (pbut) and similar.
And in this way, you should regard and organise their time, and there will be a good result from them. And in the case of neglecting them, then maybe they will become corrupt and you will lose them, and it will be a great loss.
Unfortunately, many of the Arab fathers, who have migrated away from an Arabic country, damage their children by neglecting to teach them the Arabic language, reading, and writing.
Whereas the parents can give up one hour from their time daily in order to teach their children the Arabic language which they need to read their religion and to be informed of it with detail.
I don't think that this matter has difficulty in this day and age where all the books and the learning methods are on the internet, and it is possible to reach them with ease.
Ahmed Alhasan

Helping a woman like she was his own sister
“The woman can have a role in many places within the divine state. If God wishes, and it is established at some time, the woman is not less qualified than the man in many places and jobs; in fact, the woman is far better than the man at some jobs. Islam doesn’t even place restrictions on the woman having positions in which she leads society, as long as she is qualified to do so and does the job in a complete, correct manner.”
Ahmed Alhasan
Once an ‘Elwiyah woman was facing divorce and so the Imam took the car with us and for three days he would try to do anything to help this woman as if she was his own sister.
He (pbuh) says, “Do not let the state of divine justice be your objective but make Allah SWT your target.”
Imam (pbuh) would always talk to us saying learn the words of the Imams and Qur'an because the prophet and Imam Ali spoke to all people not only scholars who claim that only they understand the two weighty things.
I learned the meaning of the word khadim from some of the Ansar: I did not see one Ansari arrogant over the other, they would work with sincerity, love and kindness.
When he tells you, “I am your servant.” he puts that into practice and does not just pay lip service. The Yamani (pbuh) never (merely) said, “I am your servant”; he would just act full stop.
About the treatment of your wives
“I’ve mentioned the issue of the ill treatment by the husband in the Book of Jurisprudence, and it is that he prevents her from having all or some of her rights, and she may sue him.
The beating of the wife is neither a natural occurrence, nor is it usually the correct practice. In fact, in the divine state, if the wife sues the husband for beating, the lawsuit is examined, and if the husband is found guilty, he is punished.”
Ahmed Alhasan Facebook post

Advice on marriage
Q: May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you Imam. If a person five months after his marriage no longer wants to live with his wife because he doesn't trust her and their mental level doesn't match, and his wife is three months pregnant, then what should he do? This person is suffering, his wife is suffering, and the rest of the family is suffering because of the fights every week. He already decided to divorce but one thing standing in his way is the unborn child. He fears that his wife married him for his money and believes that she will use the child to get more money out of him. O Imam will you please help this person? And pray for us? Peace be upon you O Yamani, Family of Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him and his family. - Hussain Haidari
A: May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you, too. May God welcome you, my beloved.
Certainly, His wife has positive and good traits that made him decide to marry her in the first place.
Starting with that point, let him try to begin anew with her.
After all, delaying the decision to separate won’t have a negative impact.
Women are emotional, and usually a beautiful and kind word deeply influences them.
Let him try to make this relationship successful and productive, and leave behind accusations of being greedy and so on, especially since there is a baby on the way.
In general, a problem that all spouses face at the beginning of their [married] life, for both the woman and man, is to understand that they are dealing with a person similar to them from one aspect, yet totally different from another aspect.
Both have a different body composition and different hormonal secretions at different times, so emotions and reactions will differ.
Additionally, each of them was raised in a different environment and in a different way.
One may have also been exposed to harsh circumstances that affected his or her psychological state.
Marriage is just like the process of mixing two different substances in a vessel.
You may need time before the reaction and homogeneity take place between the two. Ahmed Alhasan

"I need from you to deal with each other with mercy and harmony and reform amongst one another. For you are a family and a husband and wife and you are not partners in a market company so that your dealing becomes materialistic. Upon the husband is to perform his obligations to his wife and his children with love and pleasure and upon the wife is to be nice and harmonious and forgiving with her husband. And I believe that the woman can most of the times build her family and house and earn pleasure from her husband in silence and with nice words as by this she will earn the pleasure of Allah. In general, even if the husband was doing bad or is a short comer with his family, the wife can be able to deal with him with kindness and mercy, and she can receive by this firstly, the pleasure of Allah the Exalted and Most High and lastly what is with Allah remains and grows by the will of Allah, and you will see the fruits of this in the Dunya and the Hereafter."
Ahmed Alhasan
“I did not come to break up the homes of people and their social relationships. Rather, I came to build up the human and let him know of his truth if he wished to know, in order for him to reach Allah and to be the messenger of Allah and His ambassador among His creation. What I ask of you in the meantime is to learn the true religion and to be the messengers of Allah to your relatives and to your society. Please take care of your families and your children, and to raise them up with a proper divine education and to teach them the remembrance of Allah and His Al-Mighty's obedience and to adopt the divine manners. Know that marriage and raising a family and that the relationship between the husband and wife is tenacious and filled with love and kindness are from the things that Allah wants because it leads to fortifying the human society from corruption.
As for celibacy and divorce and destroying the family and that the relationship between the husband and wife is cold and tense, these are from the things that Allah doesn't want because it leads to destroying the human society morally and spreads the corruption in the earth. So O believers, start with your wives with kindness, mercy, love and good word, May Allah grant you success.”
Ahmed Alhasan

Once after praying ‘Fajr’ with him, he brought to us the Holy Bible and he said to us: “Our call is in this book.”
So I took the book and started reading but did not understand what the Imam (PBUH) was pointing at.
So I asked him (PBUH) and told him I did not understand. He said to me this happened to you because you relied on your understanding and not on Allah SWT. A person must always rely on Him. All the Ansar searched and became researchers in this da’wah and defenders due to the keys that the Yamani (pbuh) gave to them. He encouraged me to write my book called ‘Economics of Allah and not of the people’
The Imam (pbuh) was the one who guided me in writing my books. He gave me the layout and foundation that was most crucial to help me write my books such as Faslul Khitab.
Once in the afternoon on a summer day, It was very hot. He told me, “Ahmed, do you have a computer at your house?” I said, “No, but there is one in my shop.” He (pbuh) escorted me on foot all the way to the shop and when we entered the shop, he taught me how to use it. This entire walk in the heat of Iraq was just to teach me how to use a computer. This was around 2005.
We asked him also, how is it that Allah prefers the Shia of Haydara (pbuh) over his closest angels such as Gabriel and Israfeel (pbut)? So the Imam (pbuh) said, “Let us imagine there is a race. The first racer has a car and the second racer has a bicycle and then the race begins. Verily you know that the one with the car is going to win the race. So are the angels and mankind: Allah SWT created the human being with a very high fitra i.e. instinct. His fitra can bear all the names of Allah SWT. The fitra of the angel is like that of the bicycle racer he can never reach the fitra of the human being
At the beginning of the da’wah we were few and oppressed and had nothing but the Thaqalayn42. The Imam (pbuh) taught us everything from scratch. We would discuss amongst ourselves how we could give reach to the da’wah in all parts of Iraq and Nasiriyyah. We said, “Let us go to the biggest market in Nasiriyah and put a carton down on the ground and place on it whatever books we had like that by Sheikh Nathim al Uqaili. We made istikhara (regarding this plan) and it came out very good. Of course when we carried it out we were threatened by guns, cursed at and mocked by people and could have been killed. Some people would ask us about the da’wah and I would answer fluently, surprised at how I was able to answer in such a way.
When they failed to face us, they brought their sheikhs, followers of the maraji’ who would be embarrassed to wear the turban and to debate with us on a carton. So they would take off turbans and wear shirts and jeans. One of them came and with his words started to cross the line. He said, “If Ahmed Alhasan is infallible then let him answer this: what is the thing
42 The Hadith al-Thaqalayn, also known as the Hadith of the Two Weighty Things, refers to a statement by the Islamic prophet Muhammad about the importance of the Qur'an and the Ahl al-Bayt (also known as the members of Prophet Muhammad’s household)

that people see but Allah does not see.” The Imam did not answer this question as he was not available. So when this jeans sheikh returned he started mocking us and saying you are liars if Ahmed Alhasan was here he would have answered my question. So I asked Allah SWT in my heart and said, “Oh Allah I ask you by the right of Fatima and Ahmed alhasan that you teach me and do not let this man mock me.” I suddenly heard a whispering voice telling me, “The thing that creation sees but Allah does not see is death.” When I answered him this he was silent as if a stone was in his mouth and left. Maybe he was Iblees (Satan) or a messenger of Iblees.
He sat with us on the carpet. I began to ask him and he would answer my questions like a scholar whom you would never find in words any doubt or hesitance. His answers would be simple, short, precise and clear.
And we would all come and meet the Imam pbuh in that small room in Abu Zahraa's house. We would sometimes sleep over because we could not go back home and leave the majestic words of the Imam pbuh. Once a large group of Ansars slept over in this room, and the number of quilts did not suffice all of us. He made sure that all his Ansars were covered with quilts بطانیة and only he and I were left with one quilt. I insisted that he should take it but he refused until I was forced to take it. This was during the winter. He pbuh laid on his abaya and thanked Allah SWT for this blessing.
When he pbuh wrote a book, he would put the pen on the paper and would write and write until he finishes. He pbuh would say take it and go print it. We would look at his work and would not find a mistake in his writing.
The Imam PBUH gave me the task to write a book about the look alike of Jesus PBUH.
I would be worried and scared as to how I will be able to offer a pleasing result. He PBUH would tell me to not rely on myself too much and to always ask Allah SWT for verily he will guide you to what you know not. (Dr. Abdul Razak has the highest number of books after the Imam PBUH which are easily amongst the strongest ones that need to be studied and used as back up material in many areas).
Ahmed Alhasan has written more than 40 books, of which 20 have been translated in English and can be accessed at www.saviorofmankind.com/books
These include:
★ TheAtheismDelusion
★ The 13th Disciple
★ TheJourneyofMosestotheJunctionoftheTwoSeas ★ TheyAskYouAbouttheSpirit
★ The Calf
★ Enlightenments from the Call of the Messengers
★ TheAllegories
★ The Sealing Prophecy
★ Supremacy of God and not the supremacy of people ★ The Wilderness or the Path to God

"The measure and length of your true age in this life is based upon the magnitude of the position you take in it, so do not pass through this life without leaving a trace or true stance that tells of how you stood with Truth against falsehood. Certainly, this life is a test.
Accentuate your position in it no matter how long your life may be— for it will be short, trivial, and meaningless if you do not take a stance.
And no matter how short your life is (in this life), it will be a long and great life in accordance with the magnitude and greatness of your stance regarding Truth.
{And when he reached [the age of] accompanying him, he [Abraham] said, 'O my son, I have seen in a dream that I was slaughtering you, so tell me, what do you think?” He said, "O my father, do as you are commanded. You will find me, God willing, among the patient'}" Qur'an, 37:102.
Ahmed Alhasan
Day of Eid - July 20, 2021

I asked him PBUH “what is required from us?” He said, “I have come down to bear witness for the truth so if you want to bear witness to the truth then do so.” That’s what he said to me.
He would ask us not to order us if we wanted to go to the holy shrines or not. The Sayed (pbuh) was very sick but insisted that he come with us to the shrine of the Prince (pbuh) and to Kufa. We went to the station of Prophet Ayub (pbuh) and the Imam would teach us about patience, which is most important in this journey. We stood in the station of al Kifil where many prophets of the Children of Israel were buried and he (pbuh) explained to us how these prophets were faced by the non-working scholars. He explained to us in the Maqam of Ibrahim, how Ibrahim (pbuh) destroyed the statues. I asked him (pbuh), we used to think that the Mahdi (pbuh) will fill the earth with justice as soon as he appears. So he (pbuh) said will he fill it with justice without having numbers to support him? He said, “The question is wrong. The real question to ask is how will we know Imam Mahdi (pbuh) when he appears?”
We reached the Maqam of Imam Mahdi (pbuh) which is the 1st place he (pbuh) met with the 12th (pbuh). We returned from the journey around midnight and it was cold. He (pbuh) laid out for us bedsheets for us to sleep on in the place where we first met him. I slept for a while and then woke up and went to wash when I saw our previously muddy and dirty shoes clean from all the dirt. I saw him so he turned away as if he was shy. I had this pain in my heart and he reminded me of Jesus (pbuh) when he asked his disciples to wash their feet. He taught us pure humility and good manners. The enemies of the da’wah would say initially that the Ansar have very good manners but they are astray. The Imam (pbuh) himself would give out papers to people about the da’wah but would be cursed and mocked by the people and would not want all his Ansar to endure that
He asked me, “What do you want from Allah SWT?” I said, “I want Allah's approval.” He (pbuh) said, “even in Allah's approval you want the ‘I’. You should say what does He SWT want? That He is the One Who chooses for us and decrees for us.”
He (pbuh) read to us the following verse: “Muhammed is the Messenger of Allah swt and those who are with him are strong against the unbelievers but compassionate amongst each other.” (Qur’an 48:29)
He (pbuh) said that this verse concerns the Riser and his companions in this age. He said that when Allah brought back and raised Jesus (pbuh), eleven disciples remained because Judas Iscariot apostated. He said, “Look at the Europeans and the West: they are Christian because of the disciples. These disciples and their followers were supported by the malakoot and now you, oh Ansar, are experiencing the same thing and you are more than the disciples.”
The Imam (pbuh) would tell us not to exhaust ourselves and that the da’wah In sha Allah (God-willing) will spread to all corners of the earth.

I felt from that first moment of seeing him that I had found my real father and caretaker. He was like a doctor who diagnosed our problems and then gave us the medication. He (pbuh) would travel to all the cities that had Ansar. He (pbuh) would take care of our families more than we did our own selves. He would observe our actions and redirect us to that which pleases Allah SWT even though we thought we are right in a particular matter.
A believer was once suffering financially. He thought that he had a chance to join the army after Saddam's fall to make some money and was seeking permission from the Imam (pbuh). I said to him, “It's your choice brother, I cannot force you to do anything.” That same day we saw the Imam (pbuh) after salat al ‘Asr’. He said, “No, the brother cannot join the army, it is not permissible.” So we told that brother that this was the Imam's response. That brother insisted that he should join the army and did so. He also spread rumours about us saying that we were Zionists and agents. He even started to drink wine and completely lost himself. Of course, his disobedience and apostasy made us more confident of the Imam's truth who warned that this would happen to him if he joined the army. Then one Ansari brother told the Imam (pbuh) that a crow had flown. So the Imam (pbuh) looked at him and said, “What?”. He said, “A crow has flown.”So the Imam (pbuh) was displeased and said to him, “Who told you to call him a crow! It is enough that he bore witness one day that I am the messenger of Imam Mahdi (pbuh). So why are you happy?!?! Iblees has defeated you and you are the ones who lost!!! Do not backbite your brother, go look for him and see if he or his family need anything.”
Once, we were walking with him from Najaf to Karbala going to visit Imam Al Hussain PBUH. He felt that we were tired from the journey and told us to sit down for some rest. An Ansari sat on an elevated place and next to him were ants passing by him. So he stepped on the ants. The Imam pbuh changed colour as if someone was killed. He spoke to this Ansari with some intensity and told him to move away from the ants.
"The greater the thankfulness of the servant ([ meaning the more a servant thanks Allah]), the success of Allah which He directs this servant with towards this thankfulness becomes greater.
Therefore, the blessing upon the close servant of Allah becomes greater, and their work and their thankfulness become a new blessing which needs thanking. And this thankfulness is by the success of Allah, and His Strength, and His Power, so it is a new greater blessing than the previous one, which requires greater thankfulness.
And as such until The Generous [Allah] restrained them by His generosity so their tongues were muted, and their eyes overflowed with tears when they knew that they are limited in giving thanks to Him, the Glorious [meaning that they can never thank Him enough].
Ahmed Alhasan
Messenger and Successor of Imam Al Mahdi
From the Book "Something from the interpretation of Surah Al Fatiha"

We are all Homo sapiens
"We are all Homo sapiens who came from a group of Homo sapiens, all of whom were
black-colored, migrating from Africa and then spreading around the world.
Due to environmental and health conditions, the suitable colour traits have been selected for each environment, which allows for the human to pass down the genes to the next generation under these conditions.
So if you go north, you will find that the colour of the skin usually becomes [more] light. Colour has no advantage in and of itself, except that it is a preferred survival tool at certain places in previous times.
Therefore the path of evolution made it such that it did not change at certain places.
It is very foolish for us to feel pride over the rest of the human species for whatever the physical reason [might be].
Rather, we are a creation of insignificant size and we live on a planet of very insignificant size, astronomically speaking.
We and Planet Earth that we live on, compared to the surrounding universe, are nothing.
So what is behind the motive that makes us [feel] pride over others, except for foolishness and lack of intellect and awareness?
If you can imagine yourself looking externally at us from a distance far away, you would see that we're nothing short of an insignificant bunch of ant colonies, living in a nest that you would call countries on an earth that is of an insignificant size, where people fight and kill one another over nothing and in a rash, nasty way.
And perhaps you will reach the point of considering the insignificance of the human; considering him rash and a creation that sheds blood, regardless of [the fact that] he possesses a tool for becoming spiritually and morally great so that even the earth and the universe will not encompass him."
Ahmed Alhasan

The issue of vaccination to fight the pandemic
I ask and have asked in the past and repeat myself again today: people need to get vaccinated.
Something happened to me that I want to mention because it might benefit you. At the start of the pandemic in China, there was no news of a vaccine and nothing was confirmed about it. During this time, I saw a vision. To be brief, I was in a large hall and a group that I knew to be angels in human form was there. Two of them were holding two syringes. They injected the first one in my neck and the second one behind my ear. I understood that this was the vaccine to fight the disease that was starting to spread. The vision ended around there. This is the brief version of the vision. At the time, I told this vision to some of the believers who were nearby.
Several months after the vision, a believer visited me at my house. In fact, a while before he visited me, around several weeks, I saw a vision that he had contracted the disease. I told him [of the vision] at the time and he took precautions in his workplace, may God reward him. But what God Almighty writes will be. God Almighty willed that he would eventually be infected. As a result, when he had visited me at my house, he was infected with the virus without knowing, of course. He sat next to me and used the same computer and devices such as the keyboard and mouse as we worked on something together. Anyway, we didn’t wear masks at that time, nor did I use sanitizers. He was breathing close to my face. Theoretically, the virus should have passed to me and I should have contracted the disease.
He went back home and his health and condition deteriorated the same day, and he developed shortness of breath and such [symptoms]. He was tested the next day and found he was infected with the disease. Thank God, I was also tested after he was and it turned out that I did not have the disease.
Now, a summary of what I said: I personally saw a vision that God was kind to me and protected me from the disease in that period. I also have an incident that confirms God protected me from the disease, as in the story about this person who was infected with the disease. Despite this, now that the vaccine is available, I got vaccinated. You may ask why. My answer to you is that God commands us to work with what we have [rather than to request a miracle]. When you need the help of God Almighty, God will help you by His favour, even if it requires a miracle. Of course, a miracle occurs if you are worthy of it and if God wishes for it to happen. However, it is foolish to abandon the opportunities available for you to work with and instead ask for a miracle or sign from God Almighty. For example, if you are thirsty and a cup of water is nearby, it is foolish to ask God Almighty to bring it directly to you or to ask for a miracle to quench your thirst.
Asking for this shows foolishness and a lack of awareness and understanding, and even a lack of manners with God Almighty. Unfortunately, this is how people who repeatedly ask for miracles behave, as if the religion of God Almighty is a circus and they are the spectators, or it’s a game and they are the players: {Woe that day to the deniers, who play with words
to amuse themselves} [Qur'an 52:11-12].
Praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds.

The dangers of artificial intelligence
In an interview conducted with Sayed Ahmed Alhasan, peace be upon him, regarding artificial intelligence, he says:
"If you understand that all the work of the mind is about discovering things that actually exist, you know that artificial intelligence is one of the most dangerous things for human existence. Now with quantum computers and robotics, only human needs are handing over business to robots controlled by an artificial intelligence system. Developed countries will not resist that because it doubles production and progress and speeds it up in an enormous and large way, to the extent that if you compare it now, it will be like a car that travels 20 kilometres and a plane that moves at a speed of hundreds of kilometres per hour relative to artificial intelligence."
Mr. Ahmed Alhasan, peace be upon him, continues saying: “Artificial intelligence, if it controls, will be able to end humans and will not be late in making such a decision.”
Mr. Ahmed Alhasan, peace be upon him, continues, saying: "Artificial intelligence will find that humans represent an obstacle to order, accuracy, and progress forward. Therefore, it will not delay in taking the decision to end human life, and it will be able to find appropriate tools and mechanisms."
I asked Mr. Ahmed: Who takes the decision?
Q: Who makes the decision himself? Or who controls it?
His answer is: “No one controls it. Artificial intelligence means a computer capable of thinking, inventing, controlling and developing. For example, now we need years to invent a certain thing that will take minutes. We as human beings need a long period to design suitable robots for implementation, or humans start implementing them themselves. He will need only minutes to design suitable robots. Since he controls robots, he will create new robot factories, for example, and make robots that implement him or make him the appropriate robots to implement the new command, and so on. The matter is pictured like this by a human being, but from iron, not an ordinary human being, but having a thousand times greater intelligence than the average person.” (The doctor’s comment: Why? Because the matter is, as I told you, a discovery after extrapolation. We said in the stage of increasing and developing information. A person needs to read to other sources. This discovery happens to him after extrapolation in an alarming and rapid manner and in a way that he cannot comprehend until his age and the time that you are living and is estimated for you on this earth)
Ahmed says: "The matter was conceived like this by a human being, but from iron, and not an ordinary human being with an intelligence thousands of times greater than the ordinary human being. Why? Because, as I told you, the matter is a discovery after extrapolation. Too much."

Q: This means that a person has started making what he is obligated to do?
His answer: “Yes, sure. If they give him the opportunity, he will not have mercy on them.”
Q: Are they aware of the seriousness of the matter?
His answer, Ahmed: “Yes, many are curious, but as I told you, there is an irresistible temptation.” (The doctor’s comment: It means greed and greed. Because the head of a company has certain funds, and instead of the average person producing for him 1,000 cars a year, the robot gives him a million cars a year. It is for the sake of greed, greed, temptation, etc that they put the planet in which we live on the edge of the abyss with this. Certainly, the rest of the speech is, and we are waiting for Sayed Ahmed Alhasan, peace be upon him, in the coming days, for what facts will be revealed to us.
By this we know that humanity’s need for a successor of God is not only at the level of a statement of the legal ruling, even if this is important, but humanity’s need for a successor to God is in order to save the divine project as a whole, for the sake of the permanence of the divine project and to preserve the human being as a successor to God and a higher example on this earth, so the continuation of this human project. If this matter is left in the hands of the people, they will not allow the continuation of the human project, even if it costs them to eliminate themselves.
Copied from a lecture by Dr. Alaa Al-Salem regarding artificial intelligence / research delivered at the Institute of Graduate Studies

Call to break free from the box of worldly problems
"May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.
Every person, except whomever Allah has mercy upon, is burdened by locking himself inside the box of his memory.
These memories are usually short term, so you will find that he locks himself in a tight box with a set of problems or issues that he faces in every phase of his life.
Since the problems and issues that the person faces end only with his death, you will find that every person (except whomever Allah has mercy upon) is thinking about what’s in his box within which he has locked himself, even when praying.
In fact, he dies having imprisoned himself inside this tight, suffocating box.
As the month of al-Hussein is approaching, the month of real freedom, the month of Muharram al-Haram [The Sacred], this is a call to the human being to break the box and get out of it.
The freedom outside the box of problems and issues you face in this world is worth the trouble.
In fact, be certain that in this is freedom; there is a solution to all your problems and issues and in the best way.
Break the box and get yourself out of the solitary confinement that you’ve chosen for your entire life in the past.
Be with Allah and remember Allah always.
Move freely in the space of Allah’s mercy, the vast space of real freedom.
Break the box, and whenever your ideas, problems and issues that you face in this world call you to enter the box of solitary confinement with them, face them by remembering Allah, and try not to enter the box again."
احمد الحسن Ahmed Alhasan
Facebook post, 24 October 2014
What is love?
In reality it does not extend beyond liking someone’s face or their appearance, or someone’s conduct and words, most of which are not genuine, but artificial and far from the genuineness of the woman or man’s true personality. You should know that mere pleasure from certain aspects of her appearance is not genuine. Look at the external reality – I do not wish to say more than what the external reality says, and what research and deep studies have said about the external reality.
Research and deep studies – That which is known as love and a love relationship between a woman and a man ends shortly after marriage or after cohabitation, as occurs in the West today. Perhaps at the best of times, it does not exceed a few years, whilst real love cannot end even after several years, in fact, even after death and leaving this world.
Real love – The one which continues living and which remains, is love of Allah Glorified and Most High, since it is connected to the Living the One who remains. So every type of love that is connected to that genuine love will remain alive due to that genuine love remaining alive. So if the reason for loving a woman or loving a husband is for the sake of Allah and Allah’s obedience, and to get close to Allah in obedience to Him, it will be a living and a genuine love. This is because it is gushing from the love of Allah. Other than Allah Glorified and Most High, who else has all the people’s hearts in His hand, such that He can change them as He wishes? For He is the One who is able to extend life between the spouses, building on His own love, be He Glorified and Most High.
Love relations – As for the relationships which are called love relations that can happen outside a marriage contract and marriage ceremony, in reality they often result in a woman losing her respect, her decency and her chastity. So decent and respectful believing women should avoid doing this and focus their feelings and their love on a believing and pious individual who they can marry via a legal contract.
Research and investigative studies from social scientists – Those relations that are called love and occur before the marriage contract: Professor Cynthia Hazan at Cornell University, NY, initiated an investigative study in an experiment on 5000 men and women from 37 different cultures around the modern and primitive world, and the study collected personal and biological experiments to measure the level of love between two lovers. The result was as follows: (there is no such love that can continue throughout your life, since the studies affirmed that love only survives for a maximum of 4 years, after which it ends). Cynthia Hazan profile https://www.human.cornell.edu/people/ch34
Ahmed Alhasan

Zainab, the daughter of Ali
Was the reason for the continuation of the Imamate and Divine Vicegerency.
Though she lost her Imam and her family,
And also the best people on the earth (her brother’s and her father's companions),
And all this happened in an instant,
She still did not break down, which is what the normal genetic state of a person would dictate.
She chose to rise up immediately.
She alone was an army and community on the 10th of Muharram and after that.
She—with nobility and generosity—was willing to face death and carried out her mission in the most complete way a person could imagine, preserving the life of Ali son of Al-Hussain Al-Sajjad (pbuh).
So, she has a position of great merit in the continuation of the Imamate and chain of successors and messengers of God Almighty.
In every place and time, women can draw inspiration from what Zainab (pbuh) did. Women can benefit from observing the strength of her stance and emulate her as a great woman and human figure, and this is the case even for those who do not believe in her.
Any woman can perform a great act in this life: to stand with truth, justice, and fairness and against falsehood, injustice, and tyranny.
And every woman must understand very well that in general, the way many men judge or talk about women has no true value. Rather, it is merely an expression of what fills their minds and overcrowds their heads with sexual thoughts, and nothing more.
Many of these men, whether religious or not, see women as sex toys that must be concealed or used depending on the position held by each man.
You find that these brothers are obsessed with sexual thinking. For example, if they are religious, they reduce Zainab’s situation to talking about the veil.
If they are not religious, and they are vulgar atheists or profiteering utilitarians, their interest lies in women appearing as vulgar or naked everywhere and always.
They do not see or think of women as independent and complete human beings. Women are sometimes more capable than men, and men may be incapable of taking a woman’s place or doing what they can do.
#Be_Like_Zainab, the daughter of Ali. May God’s blessings be upon her."
احمد الحسن Ahmed Alhasan
Interview with the Saviour Radio Channel in Detroit
Ahmed Alhasan: Ya Allah. May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you. I ask Allah that my words are beneficial and understandable by everyone. Dear people in the Saviour radio station from Detroit and all its workers, may Allah reward you with good for having me. I ask Allah to support you and bless your work. May Allah welcome you Mr. Mostafa and may Allah reward you with good. If there's nothing else, let's start with Allah's blessing. Mic yours.
Mostafa Yassin Q1: You are holding the banner of the Supremacy of Allah, which means you reject all forms of rulings and governments present today. However, you adopt the same form of elections in all the institutions that belong to you that are managed by chosen or elected individuals. How do you distinguish between you and others, what is the distinctive thing in these forms?
Ahmed Alhasan: May Allah welcome you Mostafa and reward you with good. Yes, we believe in what the divine religion has brought regarding this matter. The matter of the legitimate ruling system, that Allah is satisfied with. In extreme brevity, the divine religion and Islam is a divine religion as you all know, is nourished in believing in the existence of God, and this God, or Allah, is the owner of sovereignty. Allah is the owner of the earth and what is upon it and absolute sovereignty belongs to Him. In order for sovereignty to transfer to someone else, Allah must appoint someone.
Whoever appoints himself or somebody else without Allah’s permission is usurping Allah's governance and being an oppressor. We find that the way of Allah is that He appointed people in the past. The Messenger of God [Muhammad] was appointed by Allah and Allah definitely didn't leave people on their own after Muhammed's death. Allah says 'you are a warner, and to every people there is a guide'. As for whoever went against the way of Allah after Muhammad's death, they should provide evidence for why the way of Allah changed after Muhammad. They have to provide evidence against the the following:
- Sovereignty of the creation is to Allah.
- Rulership is not transferred except by Allah’s approval with a personifying text. - The established way of Allah SWT since the beginning of religion.
Very simply, this is what we say, and this is what sound reason says. In Islam, this is the belief of the progeny of Muhammad PBUT. They say sovereignty belongs to Allah and whoever Allah appoints. Whoever takes this rulership without Allah's permission is a usurper and a murderer. He will be accountable on the day of Judgement.
This is the tradition of Allah from Adam to Muhammad. The Qur'an mentioned David as a successor appointed by Allah and Muhammad pbuhap certainly as well. The divine appointment is mentioned in the Torah or Old Testament. This issue is documented even in the clay tablets of our ancestors of Sumer. I clarified this issue in the book ‘The Atheism Delusion’. After all this history, no one can deny the sovereignty of Allah except out of ignorance or stubbornness.
What we know from the religion of Noah and Abraham in the clay tablets of Sumer, in the Torah, the Bible and the Qur'an, all provide evidence for this. It is clear to be an established

divine way. The Sunni belief goes against this matter. The Sunnis believe that the rulership of Allah belongs to anyone, and they have no evidence for this. Whoever believes that the way of Allah regarding rulership changed after Muhammad's death should provide conclusive evidence for this. Evidence that the way of Allah since the beginning till Muhammad changed suddenly.
I also want to mention an important issue. Some people imagine rulership to be the building of schools, hospitals or paving of roads. That’s not true. Rulership has some serious issues, such as the lives of others. Each rulership has systems of police and special forces, etc. These are killing machines even within the country. When we talk about rulership, we are talking about how the lives of people should be handled. This is an issue that cannot be ignored and it’s extremely important.
Now we go back to your question about the system of elections. Elections in and of themselves as a mechanism of choosing someone as a spokesperson or manager etc., there’s nothing wrong with that. And there’s nothing wrong with having elections under the rule of Allah, meaning that the final ruler is appointed by Allah. The problem is with selecting or electing the final or original ruler, meaning the person who handles the lives or deaths of people. This is what happened in Iraq. The clerics that made this a legitimate issue, and made the Shia of Muhammad imagine this is a legitimate issue, they bear the responsibility of all people who were killed without justice.
But anyway, I remember when the clerics of Najaf called people in Iraq to vote for the constitution. And then the elections which caused this state of misery and destruction in Iraq today. When that happened, I asked the believers to stay out of it and I showed them this is deception. In the end, so and so controlled the people and they killed many people. Now we are living through the consequences of that. When that happened, I remember one day a religious person spoke to me. He was objecting to what I said. He said to me: why do you object to us and our call to people to vote in the elections? Why don't you oppose the elections in Iran? Aren’t you contradicting yourself? He imagined that what I was doing was contradictory. I said you are calling people to vote for the final or original ruler who controls the people's lives. As for Iran, they say there is a rulership for the cleric which represents or stands for the rulership to Allah. So the discussion with them is completely different. Their discussion is regarding how that cleric’s rulership represents that of Allah, and whether there is evidence for that. The fact is, there is no evidence for that belief of theirs.
You can listen to my thesis about that which is online regarding the main reason which made me concentrate on what happened in Iraq. It's that the Shia of Ahlulbayt were misguided and misled. Some of these clerics even said that a woman's participation in the elections is like the participation of Zainab in Al Hussain's battle, that's how audacious they became.
I didn't concentrate on the other systems because the other systems are bankrupt. They have zero religious or moral grounds. They are just gangs of people who oppress the people. They call themselves king so and so or president so and so.
I don't think there's anything that requires further discussion here. I think what I said tells people about our ideology regarding rulership. Sorry if I took too much time. But it's important to talk about this during these times. May Allah reward you with good Mostafa, mic yours.

Mostafa Yassin: Q2: The blessed Yamani Call has always been accused of sowing division among religions and digging into the details of a certain sect. To refute it to the degree your enemies disagree on everything except on opposing you by all means. How did you manage to survive and endure under these pressures facing parties who possess everything including power, money, mass media, followers and military forces?
Ahmed Alhasan: May Allah welcome you. Ya Allah. The Yamani Call does not discriminate. It is a call to unite upon the truth with evidence. It is a call with wisdom. We have no animosity towards anyone. What we present is a scientific discussion. And we clarify the falsehood of others' beliefs using their own sources.
As for how people united to fight us despite their disagreements, this has happened before with Muhammad and Jesus pbut. The rulers and Jews united to try and kill Jesus. It's a divine way, that people unite to fight the people of truth. The reason they do that is because they fear losing their followers because the truth's evidence is overwhelming. With their animosity, they are trying to delay or prevent their false structure from falling apart.
As for how we managed to survive, that is the miracle I lived and live every day. My life and my way of life is in the hand of Allah. If I was the one choosing the path I walk in, I would have failed and perished and lost in this world and perhaps even in the afterworld. But the favour of Allah upon me is that He takes me to what's good. He closes doors and opens some others. Later on I find out that He opened the doors of good and closed the doors of harm. I didn’t do anything to deserve all this divine care. It was His favour upon me. He supported me to acknowledge and recognize my ignorance and helplessness. This is what happened and still happens with me and with the sincere believers. This is what keeps us going to the last breath. We thank Allah for what He has given us. And we ask Him that He grants us more of His favour. And praise is due to Allah. Mic yours.
Mostafa Yassin: Q3: You claim that you follow a religious belief and that your obligation is to deliver and invite people to it. However, you practice a very critical act of destroying all the existing fundamental basis of any other religion or sect and you claim that they are false. How will you manage to call the followers of these sects when you are provoking them with these critical thoughts?
Ahmed Alhasan: Ya Allah. May Allah welcome you.
The call presents the true divine religion as we believe in it. This religion has a long journey and there are people today who belong to this journey in one way or another, whether Muslims or from other religions. So what we present is bound to clash with what they present. We cannot be silent. We are obligated to clarify the truthful call. The people were born free, they have the freedom to choose. No one should say they found their parents believing in something so they will stick with it. They should do their own research. Everyone sleeps in their graves alone. They'll be held accountable for their actions alone. Others have an ideology to present, and people have the right to listen to everyone and learn the truth as it is without deception or cheating. I call everyone to never submit to an authority, whether religious or not, which calls him to freeze his mind and follow blindly. Do not submit to other people. Search for yourself. Find the truth for yourself. May Allah welcome you. Mic yours.

Mostafa Yassin: Q4: What are the methods you adopt and the instructions you give to the Ansars all around the world regarding the governments and religious belief? How do you coordinate between your religious belief and being an Ansar citizen living in any country? Though, we know how much you focus on discipline and abiding by the rules of the country. In addition to the peacefulness of this call despite the prevailing extremism and political language.
Ahmed Alhasan: Ya Allah. May Allah welcome you.
We call people with wisdom and kind advice like Allah commanded us in the Qur'an and like our ancestors of righteous Imams have done before us. Whoever wants to listen, can do so and whoever wants to go in a different path, let them do that, and we have our own path. Our general rule in dealing with people who disagree with us is this. Whether we are calling them to the truth or dealing with them in everyday practical life.
As for the laws and abiding by the laws, it depends on the nature of these laws. Generally, the laws that organise the people's lives, any reasonable person should abide by them. In some cases I told the believers they must abide by these laws. For instance the traffic laws in Iraq. I told the believers that as long as you don't have to go over the speed limit, you shouldn't do so and it's not okay, because that is going ahead and trying to kill and harm other people in the street. There is no compromise regarding basic human rights.
As for the system of the rulership, and our ideology regarding it, it doesn't mean to us that we want to fight anyone. Or that we want to force others to follow our way. Not at all. We say that the rulership belongs to Allah, and the original and final ruler should not be appointed by the people. In the Old Testament, God is the one who appoints kings and rulers. This is confirmed by the Bible. The kings of Christian Europe used to receive rulership after the church handed it over to them or the Pope. As the church to them represented God. We're not the only ones presenting this issue. It's actually the core of the divine religion. Imam Al Sadiq said the religion's origin is entirely the 'man'. Whoever knows that man knows Allah. Whoever denies him denies Allah. That narration is in the ancient books. This belief doesn't mean we are waging war against other governments. We just call people to accept the call of God.
But unfortunately even though we call people with kindness, some oppressive governments fear people knowing the truth so they face the believers with their barbaric ways. So a lot of believers were arrested and harmed only because of their ideology. The Imams and the Shia have been suffering from this all their lives. We thank Allah for letting us follow their path and allowing us to experience what those blessed people experienced. It's from the favour of Allah that we enter prison for the same reason Imam Musa bin Jafar entered prison and we see what he went through. Not much has changed. The names and faces changed, but that's it. The true call of Allah made Musa bin Jafar enter prison for the rest of his life and it is what makes us and the believers go to prison. Mic yours.
Mostafa Yassin: Q5: Your enemies have always accused you regarding the source of financing the call and how the call spread worldwide, even though the call first originated and started spreading in Iraq only. How do you explain that to those who are unfamiliar with the call and those who oppose it?

Ahmed Alhasan: May Allah welcome you dear Mostafa. Welcome all. Dishonourable opponents accuse us of things left and right. Whoever repeats these accusations is a liar and without evidence. Our financial evidence isn't hidden. Everyone knows where the money is coming from. The organisations of the call come from the donations of the Ansar and the khums and they finance the institution of studies, the channels, the educational establishments, the orphanages and the charity organisations and they're often underfunded. Just a while ago, the supervisors of the TV channel said they borrowed some money to pay the bills of the channel although the channel is rather humble and doesn't need much funding. Mic yours.
Mostafa Yassin: Q6: The remarkable thing in this call is that there are believers who came from very different religions and sects, how did you convince them to believe, what proofs did you present and what is your method of dealing with those from other religions, or with those who oppose, or those who fight against this call?
Ahmed Alhasan: May Allah welcome you. What we present is a divine call hence there are proofs directed at every religion and creed from their own sources. There are certainly many fair people who follow evidence whenever it's presented. Whoever wants to look at the evidence of this blessed call, they are all in the books. As for dealing with opponents, I've said it many times that we deal with them with compassion and mercy, I've advised the believers many times.
Mostafa Yassin: Q7: There is a question concerning the formation of the Riser Brigades to fight against ISIS and their followers which requires a strong involvement in the Iraqi political and even the military field. The first question: What is the reason behind this big shift in the pathway of the call? Secondly: How do you justify your disagreement with the ruling authority and fighting the spreading corruption in Iraq, while taking part in fighting against ISIS with the government?
Ahmed Alhasan: May Allah welcome you. Before answering this question, I just want to let the people know about defence. Defence is permissible even if by doing it with the disbeliever who doesn't believe in God. So if someone lives in a country where people are atheist and don’t believe in God and their country was attacked by people who want to kill everyone, the believer has the right to join forces with others and defend the country from attack. In fact the believer is rewarded by Allah for doing so. There is no change or shift in the path of the call.
I called for fighting the Wahhabis since they demolished the shrine of the Imams in Samarra, Iraq. If people listened to what I said at the time, they would have avoided many bloody events since then. It's an old matter. It's not new. Even the issue of forming the Riser Brigades, since the Iraqi cities were abducted by the Salafi Wahhabi movement Da'esh. I told the believers to form brigades to defend the shrines of the Imam but some dominant people didn't let them so the believers avoided the clash. Forming the brigades at the time would have caused the people (who were the reason why the Iraqi cities are now taken by Da’esh) to have hurt the Ansar and that would have benefited ISIS. So the believers didn't form the brigades at the time but after a while, the city of Ramadi was taken too by Da'esh and that was the last straw. There was no more room for silence or waiting. Our cities where

our sacred sites are became under direct threat. So the believers tolerated the harm from the dominant people in Iraq and they went ahead with forming the brigades.
The Ansar were arrested in some cities but things are fine now. We said at the time that we have no choice but to form the brigades because our cities are in danger and we have no goal other than fighting the Wahhabi invasion of our country which wants nothing but to kill us and take over our cities and sacred sites so it's our right to defend ourselves. As for the union between the brigades and the government, there is no union at this point because the government refused. Maybe because for the government, fighting Da'esh is a commercial issue that benefits them and our participation hurts their cheap and worldly motives. What we did was form the brigades and train the believers so that they are prepared to defend their land and cities should they need to.
As for our disagreement with the government in Iraq, I clarified the reason. Due to this disagreement, the government and local governments are trying to bring an end to the calls activities because they think it harms their worldly interests, especially that so many people are joining it. They closed our mosque in Karbala. They are doing the same things as Saddam and the Ba’ath party, just under a different name. Hurting others and oppressing them is their religion. They spread hatred with their barbaric behaviour but despite this clear oppression, we still say we are not a political party that is competing with them over the country's wealth. We have a religious ideology to present. We don't consider ourselves in a state of war with the governments of Iraq so there is nothing to prevent us from working with them to defend Iraq. This is an entirely separate issue. Our religious obligation is to defend our land. It's unreligious and immoral to abandon this matter.
May Allah reward you all with good for your patience and for listening. I ask Allah to support you and grant you the good of this world and the hereafter. He is my supporter and He supports the righteous. Thank you dear Mostafa. My regards to you and all the staff of the Saviour Channel in Detroit. I ask Allah to support you and make all your matters easier. Thank you and may the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.
19 January 2016 Paltalk interview with Imam Ahmed Alhasan PBUH English translation transcript.
“And he raises up a banner for the distant nations, And he whistles for them at the ends of the earth; And behold, they will come with speed swiftly.”
Isaiah 5:26

The star of Bethlehem
Q: In the Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Intensely Merciful, All praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds,
May Allah send His Peace and Blessings upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad, the Imams and the Mahdis.
Peace be upon you my master and leader, Ahmad Al Hassan, and the Mercy of Allah and His Blessings.
I ask Allah that He may make us firm upon your Wilayah and giving you victory, and that He may write us among those whom become martyrs between your hands by His Mercy, Glory be to Him.
This question is directed from the Ansar who do not speak Arabic. They have asked that their question may be translated and sent to the Imam (pbuh).
What is the Star in the East which led the three Magi from the East towards Jesus (pbuh)? In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 2:
"1 And when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the days of Herod the king, Magi from the East came to Jerusalem, 2 and asked, “Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We have seen his star in the East and have come to prostrate to him.”
Peace be upon you and the Mercy of Allah and His Blessings Brother Darin, America.
A: In the Name of Allah, The Merciful, The Intensely Merciful. All praises be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.
May Allah send His Peace and Blessings upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad, the Imams and the Mahdis.
May Allah grant you success and strengthen your steps.
The bright blazing stars in the sky are few if they were compared to the other planets, and the stars and the planets which reflect their light are few if they were compared to the spacious space which they float in. Each body affects space, and perhaps its impact is great that some of the bodies which fall under the boundaries of its impact may be forced to revolve around it as if they have submitted to it. So we find stars revolving around other stars, and planets revolving around stars, and moons revolving around planets, and large gatherings of dust and planets and stars and many solar systems revolving around a massive lump/cluster, which creates something similar to a hole in the universe, called The Black Hole.
This physical universe which we can see, is a word from the words of Allah. We can make our ears deaf to hear it, as well as, we can hear it and understand from it that the Prophets and the ones whom place themselves in serving their Lord are few, just as the fewness of the stars. Or we understand from it that there are successors of Allah whom follow other successors of Allah, we find Aaron following Moses (pbuh), and we find Ali following

Muhammad (pbuh & his Family). There are also suns which revolve around suns, and there are dedicated believers whom follow prophets, just as how the planets revolve around the suns. And we can understand that the impact of the human being in this world and the people is by the amount of his work and dedication to Allah, just as the impact of the heavenly/astral bodies in the universe is by the amount of their cluster and the energy produced from them or the energy they reflect.
And we understand that if the human being becomes dedicated to Allah he almost becomes light which glows from its own self, just as the suns almost glow from their own selves, meaning that he almost becomes light which has no darkness in it, because he has been created upon the image of Allah (Allah has created Adam upon His image), (And God
created man in His image; in the image of God He created him).
And we find that a very big number of bodies revolve around a very deep hole in their centre, which is called the Black Hole, and even though [the black hole] does not stop swallowing whatever falls in its mouth (opening) from [the bodies], they do not stop revolving around it as if they are passionate about their destruction, and as if they (the bodies) want to swallow it (the black hole), and they imagine that they are surrounding it, and that [the black hole] falls in their mouth. Just as how all of us revolve around the Dunya (this world) and imagine that we are swallowing it when we live in it [while] being passionate about it, while it swallows us one after the other, and it does not leave anything from us, for the bodies get ground/crushed by worms and time, and nothing remains from the souls which fall into the mouth (hole/opening) of the Dunya except a dark Maksh which has no light in it.
Only few from us choose to stay away from the mouth (hole/opening) in order that they may escape the gravity of this Dunya with light bodies and not fall into its dark mouth (hole), just as only few from the bodies revolve away from the Black Hole. As I have said to you, the universe is the word of Allah, and thus, we can continue hearing from it until we fill entire books from that which this word is saying.
So if you heard this word, perhaps I do not need to tell you which star those whom came to Yeshua (Jesus pbuh) have seen, because certainly you will understand that they used to hear the words of Allah, so they saw the star in the visions of night, so Allah guided them through visions that there is a blessed star and light which has descended in the Holy Land, and that is Yeshua (pbuh). And you will understand that they saw with their own eyes the sky and its stars as they were guiding them towards the direction in which the blessed star (pbuh) has descended. They used to hear the words of Allah very well, and for that reason they have seen the blessed star in everything. And everything used to guide them towards this blessed star Yeshua (Jesus pbuh).
You too can listen to Allah in everything, in His words, in the sky, in the stars, in all the events which happen to you daily, even in your depths you can listen to Allah, because you are a human being, and the human being is the greater word of Allah.
And peace be upon you and the Mercy of Allah and His Blessings.
Ahmad Alhasan
Jamadi Al-Thani 1433 Hijri

The seal of David
An Ansari narrates:
I was in the hussainiyah of Najaf, so Ahmed Alhasan pbuh gave us a paper with his seal on it and said make a seal in this shape.
The seal was the Star of David PBUH.
I smiled and I was overjoyed. He was determined to destroy all foundations of falsehood without any fear.
“He gave us a paper with his seal on it and said make it in this shape. The seal was the Star of David.”

As for the six pointed star, it is from the inheritance of the prophets, which Al-Qaim Muhammad bin Al-Hasan Al-Mahdi inherited, and it symbolizes him, and it means the victorious and supported.
And the Zionist Jews stole this star, and adopted it as an emblem for themselves, and as a symbol for their awaiting of the promised global reformer; and according to them, as I mentioned previously, he is Prophet Elijah.
And whoever insults this star and curses it is like he who curses the words Allahu Akbar that Saddam (May God Curse Him) has placed on the flag of Iraq.
Thus, he will be of those who curse the inheritance of the prophets.
Therefore this star is the star of Al-Mahdi.
And it is narrated from them PBUT,
“If the banner of truth appears, the people of the East and the West curse it.”
So be cautious, O believers, because if the curse does not find its target, it returns to the one who said it, as mentioned by the Prophet PBUHAHF
And David is our David, and Solomon is our Solomon, and the temple is our temple (we Muslims), and not the temple of the Zionist Jews, the murderers of the prophets.
And the Holy Land is our land, and it must be freed and opened, and the flag of:
‘There is No God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of God, and Ali is the successor of God’ must be raised in it.”
{Verily, the ones most deserving of Abraham are those who followed him, and this prophet and those who believe. And Allah is the supporter of the believers.}
The Holy Qur’an (3:68)
And the last of our prayers is that all Praises are due to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds.
Ahmed Alhasan
The Messenger of Elijah to the Jews, the Messenger of Jesus to the Christians, the Messenger from Imam Mahdi to the Muslims.